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RHC Chelsea Flower Show designer shares tips for gardening on budget

Gardening can cost an arm and a leg when it comes to buying plants, equipment and fertiliser. Let alone if you need to buy soil and plant pots.

However, if you want to get out into the garden this summer and are on a tight budget then we are here to help.

First-time RHS Chelsea Flower Show designer Holly Johnston has shared her budget-friendly tips to help people get inspired by the famous garden.

Speaking to Daily Express, Johnston said: “Reclaim items and reuse them in your garden – the circular economy is important – if we reclaim items, then they come with a cultural heritage and a story of their own which really can add to the narrative of a garden.”

Johnston has created ‘The Bridgerton Garden’ at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show which is set to take place from 21-25 May this year.

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She continued: “The Regency fountain, stone plinth and armillary in ‘The Bridgerton Garden’ are up-cycled items from UK Architectural Heritage in Herefordshire, and they all add to the story-telling in the garden.

“The fountain is a 1940s Regency styled 3-tiered stone composite fountain with three hose pipes that give a gentle trickle-down effect and the stone plinth is older than the fountain at 100 years old. The limestone plinth will hold the armillary, which is also reclaimed – a newer piece that we will age.

Johnston shared three rules you need to follow if you want to reclaim items for your garden.

She suggested: “Know what you’re looking for and research the reclamation sties online before you leave the house – you may need to travel!

“Have fun with it and embrace the process of finding the right piece – there will always be something already in existence, you just need to locate it.

Finally, she shared what trends gardeners should be looking out for in the next 12 months.

So if you’re keen to get ahead of the curve then you might want to make a note.

Johnston said: “Gardens can be timeless and ever evolving and don’t be afraid to experiment observe your space plan what you want to achieve step by step doesn’t have to be achieved all at once.”

Have you upcycled any items before?


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