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'Retaliation is coming' China warns UK to brace for response after new sanctions issued


Speaking to Channel 4 News, Chargé d’affaires at the Chinese embassy in the UK Yang Xiaoguang said the British Government’s decision to place sanctions on the East Asian powerhouse as “unfair” and “unwarranted”. He went on to accuse the move by Britain as “based on misinformation and not facts.” The sanctions on four Chinese officials come as the UK, EU, Canada and the USA take actions against China over its treatment of Uyghur Muslims in Western China.

Channel 4 news anchor Krishnan Guru-Murthy responded that while the situation of the Uyghur Muslim population is China’s internal affairs there are “consequences” for China’s behaviour.

The ambassador responded by branding the accusations as “groundless” despite mounting evidence of genocide in the west of the country.

The ambassador continued to attempt to dispel claims that there is a genocide taking place against the minority Muslim population.

He added “why can’t you produce more credible information” to prove the genocide is taking place.

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The Chinese Communist Party maintain the existence of the camps is to reduce the supposed terror threat in the region.

Yesterday Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said the sanctions are due to the “appalling violations” of human rights against Uyghur Muslims in the Western Xinjiang province.

Sanctions have been placed on four Chinese officials which include imposing travel bans and asset freezes on the country

Western nations have accepted that what is taking place in Xinjiang is genocide by China.


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