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Republican lies helped defeat us in 2020. We're going to shield House Democrats in 2022.


Anthony Brindisi, Joe Cunningham, Jackie Gordon, Christina Hale, Kendra Horn, Ben McAdams and Xochitl Torres Small

Our democracy hangs by a thread. We are Democrats — five former members of Congress and two recent House candidates — who are uniting to help save it. Our plan is to counter the torrent of lies that helped cost us our elections in 2020. We know these attacks are coming again, and they endanger the republic.

Just eight votes separate the parties in the U.S. House of Representatives. With a shift in a handful of the 435 House districts, the speaker’s gavel would fall to Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. This is a man who, hours after the U.S. Capitol was attacked by a violent mob seeking to overturn the results of a free and fair election, joined two-thirds of House Republicans in supporting the biggest lie of all. That Jan. 6 House vote to reject President Joe Biden’s wins in Arizona and Pennsylvania reminds us that some will sacrifice anything — truth, honor and even the most sacred tenets of our democracy — to grasp at power.     


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