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Remove toilet limescale quickly with ‘magic’ natural cleaner – no vinegar or bleach needed

Toilet bowls can be difficult to clean due to the limescale, which is the build-up of minerals in water that can make a toilet look stained and dirty.

Limescale needs to be cleaned regularly as it can harbour bacteria and clog, which can make your toilet less functional and hygienic.

Rather than use chlorine bleach which contains harsh chemicals that can harm the environment, there is a simple “magic” toilet cleaner you can make yourself at home.

Nancy Birtwhistle, an expert best known for winning the Great British Bakeoff and her bestselling cleaning book has explained there is a simple homemade solution you can make using only simple and natural ingredients.

In an Instagram post, Nancy said: “I have been cleaning toilets and bathrooms for over half a century so I think I’m entitled to make a bold statement and that is my pure magic is the best toilet cleaner.”

“Why? Number one it destroys limescale, number two it dissolves watermarks, number three it kills germs, whitens and brightens.

“Number four you mix it yourself so you’re not a consumer of more single-use plastic.”

In her book ‘Clean and Green,’ Nancy states that the best cleaner to get rid of limescale is citric acid, which can naturally break down and dissolve the minerals in limescale.

It is incredibly “straightforward” to make this toilet cleaner according to Nancy, who said it was better to use than store-bought cleaners as it is very effective while also being eco-friendly.

How to make a “pure magic” toilet cleaner 

You will need: 

  • 200g of citric acid
  • 150ml of just boiled water
  • 20ml of eco-friendly washing-up liquid
  • 10 to 20 drops of tea tree oil
  • Measuring jug
  • 400ml glass bottle with spray attachment


Place the citric acid crystals in a measuring jug and pour in the boiling water, then stir until the crystals have fully dissolved.

Add a few drops of the washing-up liquid and tea tree oil and mix well. Leave the liquid to cool completely uncovered for a few hours.

Transfer into the spray bottle once cooled and then pour onto a toilet. Leave it to sit for two to three hours but preferably overnight to be much more effective.

Once the solution has soaked into the toilet, use a toilet brush to scrub away the now-loosened and softened limescale.

The toilet should now be incredibly easy to clean and only take a few minutes. To prevent limescale in the future Nancy recommends cleaning it at least once a week.

She said: “The loo receives lots of attention from its users, and as a result in needs regular attention in return to keep it clean, fresh and germ-free. My loo gets a quick once-over every day and a thorough clean once a week.”


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