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Remove ivy ‘instantly’ so it ‘never comes back’ with amazing item gardeners are loving

Ivy may look attractive, but it is actually an invasive plant species that can wreak havoc on your trees and garden.

English ivy is the most invasive ivy species, but many people still purchase and plant it intentionally as a ground or wall cover. 

However, this pesky vine can take over your garden, leaving a climbing trail of destruction in its wake.

English ivy has thick glossy leaves with five lobes that range from medium to dark green with lighter colour veins running throughout. 

The evergreen plant grows year-round, choking out neighbouring plants and providing nesting spots for pests. Invasive ivy thrives in various climates and is challenging to remove once it takes over.

Having moved into a new house that has a garden full of ivy, one woman took to the Gardening UK Facebook page to ask for “permanent” ways to kill it.

Cat West wrote: “Hi, I’m just wondering if anyone knows how to kill ivy permanently? We’ve recently moved into this house and it’s all over the garden. Thank you.”

The most common suggestion was to cut away as much of the vine as possible and then go in with a weedkiller that can get rid of ivy.

One gardener recommended a particular weed killer they’ve had a great experience with.

Posting a picture of the Elixir Gardens Deep Root Killing Glyphosate Weed Killer, Melanie Irving said: “I had an absolutely whole fence full of ivy growing everywhere and tried everything to remove it but nothing worked.

“Then bought this off of Amazon recommended by a gardener, it killed it instantly and it’s now two years later and it’s never come back. Not a trace of it growing back.”

The gardening enthusiast added that she still has one-third of the product left.

Karly Price replied: “This stuff is amazing. It made it so easy to get rid of the ivy on my fence and it even helped with the weeds on my patio.”


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