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Remove grease from ovens and air fryers in 10 minutes with ‘all-natural’ homemade cleaner

Cleaning grease from your oven or air fryer can be incredibly frustrating as usually takes lots of scrubbing for ages, but even then it can be difficult to completely get rid of.

One simple way to soften grease stains so it lifts off easily is a cream cleaner, but sometimes this cleaning product can contain bleach or other harsh chemicals many people do not want around the places they are cooking food.

Instead, Emma Reed, an eco-friendly cleaning expert, can make your own homemade cream cleaner using simple products that you can easily buy or likely already have around your home.

Emms said: “Making my own cleaning products is now just a part of my routine. I no longer traipse the cleaning product aisles in the shops, I am no longer drawn into the ads and I do not miss those chemical smells around my home.

“Instead, I can feel confident that I am using all-natural and safe products with zero toxins which is better for our health and also better for the environment.”

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Measure around 230g of baking soda into a bowl, then add four tablespoons of castile soap and around eight tablespoons of cooled boiled water.

Mix well until smooth, but if it feels too watery add more baking soda while if it feels too thick add a little more water.

Pour into an airtight container and your cleaning cream is ready to use. Simply apply it to your oven, air fryer or any other grimy surface and it will easily lift off the grease.

Emma said: “I use my cream cleaner with either a reusable sponge or cloth. Make the cloth damp scoop out some of the cleaner and apply it to your chosen surface.

“Work it in well and you will quickly see how it effortlessly removes dirt and grime. Once completed you can simply rinse it away. Use a soft cloth or some white vinegar to then shine up taps and plug holes.

She added: “This is honestly one the best cleaners I have ever used, I use it for sinks, bathrooms, on skirting boards, doors, marks on walls and so on. It is safe to be used all around the home.”


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