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Remoaners in meltdown over Union Flag on packs of butter: 'Seek professional help!'


A social media row erupted when one angry user took to Twitter to moan about the UK flag’s prominent position on a packet of Morrison’s own-brand butter. The post unleashed a wave of objections with some consumers declaring they would never purchase a product bearing the Union Flag.

But their reactions have been ridiculed by Brexiteers from the Leave.EU campaign group.

A tweet from the official Leave.EU account said: “If seeing our beautiful Union Flag on a pack of British butter upsets you, maybe it’s time to seek professional help.”

The bizarre row broke out when a Morrisons customer tweeted that the supermarket’s British salted butter’s packaging was inappropriate and offensive.

The post said: “I don’t actually need my fridge to be a UKIP advert, thanks, Morrisons.”

Another critic said the flag had been “besmirched with values I associate with UKIP and the National Front”.

And another said: “Even Lidl and Aldi are at it, in case they’re missing a trick.”

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One social media user said: “I won’t buy anything with a flag on it.”

Another said: “If it has a ‘Jack’, put it back.

“I’ll happily buy English spuds, Welsh lamb, Scotch beef, whatever, but Britain isn’t a place as far as being the source of foodstuffs is concerned.

“This is infantilising, Little Englander sh***, and I won’t have it.”

Another said: “The Union Flag doesn’t belong to UKIP, it belongs to every UK citizen and all those that sacrificed their lives for our freedom.”

And another said: “It’s a British product by a British company. Support the economy. No problem here.”

An editorial on the right-wing Foxhole website said: “We applaud Morrisons for proudly displaying our national flag on brilliant British produce and hope to see more of it as the supermarket giant carries out popular plans to roll out even more great British goods for shoppers.”


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