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Rejoiners plot to tie UK to EU scheme – plan to hand back control outlined in document


Britain formally left the EU in January 2020 following several delays caused by sabotage and political wrangling. However, the European Movement UK, which claims to be Britain’s “largest grassroots pro-European network”, is demanding the Government hand some sovereignty back to Brussels.

A recent European Movement UK report argues Brexit has had a negative impact on Britain and calls for closer relations between London and Brussels.

This includes reapplying to be part of the EEA, which Britain left with other EU institutions, as a third country.

The document stated: “The UK should re-join the European Environmental Agency as a third country for access to data and expertise in the fight against climate change.”

The EU created the EEA, currently headquartered in Copenhagen, in 1990, in a bid to improve environmental quality around Europe.

It currently has 32 members, most of which are also EU member states, as well as six cooperating countries.

The European Movement UK played a prominent role in the bid to stop Brexit and were one of the founding members of the People’s Vote campaign.

This held huge marches, and lobbied politicians, pushing for a second EU membership referendum.

Its report argued re-joining the EEA would help Britain combat climate change.

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“As a third country, the UK can join the European Environment agency.

“Doing so will enable the UK to have a seat at the table, giving policymakers a say and enabling us to draw on the best evidence to ensure that standards are met.

Lord Adonis, a passionate anti-Brexit campaigner and former Labour minister, took over as chair of the European Movement in March 2021.

He has openly suggested the UK should reapply for EU membership.

On December 31, as Britain left the Brexit transition period and began trading on the terms of Boris Johnson’s deal, he tweeted: “The campaign for Britain to rejoin Europe starts at midnight.”

The European Movement UK report also urges the Government to rejoin the EU’s Erasmus scheme for students.

Established in 1987 this facilitates a student exchange programme between members states.

The Government announced the UK will instead create a new Turing scheme which will be more international in focus.

Over £100 million has been made available to help launch the programme.

It will begin operation later this year in September with a focus on students on disadvantaged backgrounds who struggled to benefit from Erasmus.


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