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Rejoiner Lord Adonis appointed chair of European Movement founded by Sir Winston Churchill


The former Labour cabinet minister will lead the movement that is “fighting for the UK’s relationship with Europe”. Paul Lomas, Chair of the Nominations Committee, said: “The European Movement is delighted that Andrew has been elected as the next Chair.” He added: “Andrew has exceptional experience, skills, and public recognition”.

The European Movement’s President is former Conservative cabinet member Michael Heseltine.

The movement’s origins were formed by Sir Winston Churchill in the aftermath of the Second World War.

This international movement’s aims were to promote European unity and prevent further wars between its European countries.

In response to his election, Lord Adonis said: “It is an honour and a challenge to become chair of the European Movement at this time of crisis in Britain’s relations with Europe.

“Churchill founded the European Movement to bring Britain and continental Europe closer together.

“He wanted closer ties socially, economically, and politically.

“This was after the horrors of the Second World War and the Holocaust.

“We have a duty to seek to do the same again after the experience of coronavirus and Brexit, faced with the twin emergencies of climate change and a global slump.”

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In a recent social media post, he said: “I am about to start a European Movement meeting on Britain after Brexit & COVID-19.

“Enormous challenges but we will get through them and ultimately get Britain back into the European Union where we belong!”

Of the challenges, he said he will work hard as the new chair of the European Movement to “to put right the immediate failings of Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal”.

He added that this includes “the lack of automatic EU work visas for artists, musicians, engineers and architects; the absence of EU market access for our huge financial and business services industries; and the end of our membership of the Erasmus scheme for student exchanges”.

He added: “Millions are affected and we need to change these damaging policies as soon as possible, which almost no one voted for as part of Brexit.”


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