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Recreate luxurious hotel bedding at home with simple tips shared by expert

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of slipping into fresh hotel sheets after a long journey, when they are crisp and smell like fresh laundry.

Luckily, this luxurious feel can be recreated at home easier than expected thanks to Village Hotels top secrets for the perfect set-up.

To achieve those crisp hotel sheets, opt for high thread count sheets made from long staple cotton, as this will minimise piling and pulling.

While hotels use precise industrial methods, you can achieve a similar result at home by using a peroxide detergent and pre-treating stains with baking soda to maintain the whiteness.

Always iron your sheets after drying to make them as crisp as possible, the hotel chain also pointed out to The Mirror.

When making the bed, start with a fitted sheet, followed by a flat sheet, pulling it all the way to the top, to ensure that they fit snuggly around the mattress.

Next, place the duvet on top, keeping it about five inches lower than the flat sheet. Tuck in the corners at the ends of the bed by folding in the sides.

Finally, add a decorative blanket, pulling it over the duvet so it covers the flat sheet. For a hotel-like sleep, big, fluffy pillows are essential, so when choosing pillows, focus on “loft” and “high-fill power.”

Loft means they should be firm with a substantial fill. Down or feather-filled pillows typically offer more loft and firmness.

After a night’s sleep, use the squeeze, shake, smooth method to set up your bed: squeeze your pillows six times horizontally and vertically, shake them, and then smooth them over once more.

A quality mattress is generally the best place to begin, as well as a good mattress topper – with hotels welcoming a variety of sleepers, they often choose mattresses that accommodate everyone.

To recreate that hotel room comfort, it’s wise to allocate most of your budget to a high-quality mattress, as after all, you’ll be using it every day to rest.

Village Hotels, for instance, use Sealy Mattresses to provide their guests with the ultimate comfortable sleep.


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