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'Real risk we are ignoring!' Boris told to add 20 new Covid symptoms – leading scientist


A leading medical expert has urged the Government to immediately add twenty symptoms to its current coronavirus medical advice list. Currently, the Government has urged people to isolate if they suffer from a high temperature, a new, continuous cough or a loss or change to their sense of smell or taste. However, speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sunday, Professor Tim Spector said that over twenty symptoms of Covid are strongly linked.

Professor Spector runs the Zoe app, which tracks people’s coronavirus systems, urged the Government to act as he warned of a “real risk we are ignoring”.

Sophy Ridge said: “At the minute, you’re only eligible for a Covid test if you display a cough, a fever or a loss of smell or taste.

“I recently had Covid and didn’t have any of those symptoms, so I wouldn’t have been eligible for a test.

“Do you think the symptom range needs to be expanded? And with the new variants, are we seeing new symptoms?”

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The leading epidemiologist told Sky News: “We have been saying since last Spring that the range of symptoms should be expanded.

“This has been clear from people reporting on our app, where over twenty symptoms of Covid are linked.

“30 percent of people who have a positive PCR test do not have those three classic symptoms.

“This is particularly true in the first three days of the illness when it is most infectious. 

The medical expert said that symptoms such as chills, a loss of appetite, headaches and muscle pains were commonly experienced by Covid patients.

He also said more research was needed on whether the new variants of Covid cause different symptoms. 

Professor Spector added that around 330,000 people who have had a first vaccine dose show “very low levels of side-effects”.

The scientist behind the Covid symptoms app said that since 1 January cases have been dramatically falling across the country – a drop of about 80 percent.

The King’s College London professor also backed the Government’s policy of delaying second jabs.

He said that single jabs of Covid vaccinations are providing 67 percent protection against infection, according to his data from the Zoe Covid Symptom Study App.


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