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Real-life Martha sues Netflix for $50M over ‘Baby Reindeer’

The woman who allegedly inspired the stalker character of Martha in Netflix hit “Baby Reindeer” is now suing the streamer for defamation.

Fiona Harvey is asking for at least $50 million as she accuses Netflix of falsely portraying her as an unhinged predator who harassed, sexually abused and terrorized the show’s main character, according to TMZ.

Jessica Gunning as Martha in
Jessica Gunning as Martha in “Baby Reindeer.” (Ed Miller/Netflix)

According to Harvey, Netflix led viewers to conclude she was the real-life inspiration for Martha without gathering sufficient information to tell her side of the story.

“Baby Reindeer” follows an aspiring comedian, played Scottish actor Richard Gadd, who reluctantly befriends a woman named Martha who comes to a bar where he works. Martha quickly becomes attracted to the comic, who turns into the object of her obsession and, ultimately, years of stalking.

The show is said to be based on Gadd’s own experiences, though he has contended some elements were fictionalized “for both legal and artistic reasons.”

Harvey alleges that since “Baby Reindeer” became a runaway hit, she’s been harassed by viewers who picked up on clues planted by the show allowing them to find and identify her.

She denied stalking Gadd during an interview with Piers Morgan last month, claiming she may have exchanged “a couple of emails” with her accuser, but that was the extent of their communications.

Hello! Magazine reports Gadd told Netflix his alleged stalker was cited with a civil complaint, but wasn’t charged with criminal behavior, as “Baby Reindeer” leads viewers to believe.

Netflix has not responded to a request for comment.


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