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Readers sound off on the Zionist state, mass transit fixes and Biden’s prospects

Judaism will now need to be saved from Zionism

Lackawaxen, Pa.: Around the time of the creation of Mandatory Palestine, two young Scottish women of Irish Catholic descent traipsed all over West Lothian (Linlithgowshire, at the time) to listen to their Member of Parliament Emanuel Shinwell, a self-educated labor agitator (much later a baron) and a Jew.

One of the women was to become my mother after emigrating to America. Her girlfriend was to become my godmother. From them I learned that the link between Jews and justice was more than the coincidence of both words sharing their first letter.

Although I could see it coming from other proof, the Daily News’ Associated Press article “Israel ups land grabs” (July 6) deeply saddened me. I have withheld opinion on Zionist actions over the last 75 years, hoping they were only the excesses of a bad moment in history. Now, in my 80s, it is clear that many Jewish people have lost their way.

The world must force a Zionist retreat to the original League of Nations boundaries, still five times larger than what the Jewish population would have been entitled to at the time.

And the Palestinians must accept their temporary exploitation — because the Jews are worth saving, for their sake and the sake of the world. John A. MacKinnon

Ghost cop cars

Valley Stream, L.I.: Now that 55 more vehicles have been confiscated during the toll evasion crackdown, I have an idea: If those criminals do not get their cars back, why not outfit them as truly unmarked police cars? Anyone with any smarts who drives on New York’s roads knows what an unmarked police car looks like. Imagine the surprise when they are pulled over by a police-equipped Mercedes-Benz or a pickup truck or any other vehicle that is not used by law enforcement today. Hopefully, that will cut down on aggressive driving if the criminals do not know what kind of vehicles they are looking for. Vince Sgroi

Storefront outreach

Brooklyn: The fact that 75% of underground storefronts in the subway system are vacant presents a unique opportunity for the city to help the homeless who are living and riding on the subways. Vacant storefronts could easily be turned into drop-in centers for the homeless where outreach workers can get to know them better and the homeless can get food, water, medical care and counseling to get housing. We can’t pass up this opportunity. It is time to reduce the subway’s homeless. Robert Mascali

Cut off

Manhattan: I was very happy to read that the feds will try to help the Second Ave. subway extension to East Harlem still happen. Contrary to what some Voicers think, we do not have a lot of travel options on the East Side. Before the Q extension, we only had the No. 4, 5 and 6 trains, which run along the same tracks. We have the M15, M101, M102 and M103 buses, but they are notoriously slow and infrequent, especially the local buses. In contrast, the West Side has the No. 1, 2, 3, A, B, C and D trains, and the M104, M7, M10, M11 and other buses. The N, R and W trains and other bus lines run mostly in the middle of Manhattan and connect with other subway and bus lines. Those who drive or live near multiple transportation lines should not begrudge those of us who live in a transit desert more options. Lynne Henderson

Play the long game

Upper Nyack, N.Y.: Paul Bader, in his op-ed on congestion pricing (“Congestion pricing: The wrong idea & wrong time,” July 9), is right that “revenue sources exist now” to improve mass transit without logjamming traffic and parking with an ill-conceived plan that will only open a cash register to the MTA. The agency overspends and under-produces and should be abolished in favor of a more accountable, revenue-watched effort that prioritizes and delivers well-priced mass transit fixes for the city and metro area. “It’s the traffic, stupid,” that is the problem. It can not be reduced through congestion pricing; it will only be moved elsewhere. Reverse the harmful, decades-long Robert Moses scheme of encouraging vehicles everywhere and plan for a 10-, 20-, 30-year transit, pedestrian and biking city, reachable by European-style trains. Congestion pricing will only further choke Gotham. Art Gunther

For the rich

Staten Island: To Voicer Amy Mickens: You are almost 100% correct. The odds are remote of there being absolutely no one else in this entire country who can be considered better qualified to run it other than the two currently running. The only problem is that this country hasn’t been “We the People” for some time now. We shifted over to “We the Billionaires” sometime in the not-too-distant past. Victor R. Stanwick


Yonkers: Do we really need a diagnosis from a neurologist or psychiatrist to determine that President Biden has a severe mental disease? Tom Deering

Past his prime

Staten Island: I’m a lifelong Republican but not a MAGA disciple. I have a great deal of respect for Biden. I think he’s done a decent job as president, the exception being his handling of the border crisis. I also don’t believe he is corrupt and think he has the best of intentions in running for reelection. All this said, what was proven in the debate is that he has been diminished by the ravages of time and mental impairment. I’ve pushed back for years on the MAGA arguments that he was being protected and sheltered from public scrutiny. I was wrong. As favorably as I think of him, it’s time for the president to abandon his reelection pursuit. President Biden, please, for the sake of our country, step down from your candidacy and allow the party to name a strong centrist candidate. John Conry

Milquetoast pols

Flushing: You know who is the Democrats’ worst enemy? The Democrats! My God, grow a pair and just do what needs to be done! Joseph Gross

Step up and step down

Edinburgh, Scotland: Why has President Biden not, among other things, protected an impressive legacy against what will be a cold and cruel historical evaluation if he subjects the party to the humiliation of running someone who thinks the “get out” if he loses is that he “gave it his all,” like a kid who dropped the egg in the egg-and-spoon race being comforted by grandma. From here in Scotland, may I respectfully suggest that the Dems surrounding Biden turn outward from their insulated world and interrogate a certain absence? Listen hard for Donald Trump’s lunatics. Why are they so relatively quiet after all the hoo-ha of the last few years? Might I suggest they have gone uncharacteristically quiet because they’re nervous of sensible Democratic voices calling for their best-bet Democratic candidate to step aside? Amanda Baker

No mercy

Manhattan: A woman gets shot and killed, and tossed in the trash like she’s trash (“Bizarre body dump,” July 9). He’s in a wheelchair. Who cares? He killed a woman. Bring back the chair, I’ll pull the switch. We need Sing Sing again. Helen Murphy


Williston Park, L.I.: The Mets can not win with Carlos “Captain Hook” Mendoza at the helm. And I’m not just talking about Monday’s debacle (“Beware of the hook,” July 9). John P. McGuire

Come again?

Tarrytown, N.Y.: To Voicer T.S. Fallani: It would be helpful if your verbal attack on me (preferred pronouns me, he, him), including words like “idiotic diatribe,” “foolishness,” “you live by hate,” “ill-informed, silly mistakes,” “be embarrassed,” “the amount of thought that people like you put into other people’s genitalia” made any sense at all. If anyone out there can explain what T.S. (he, she, it, they?) is complaining about, I might be able to answer. What appeared signed “Fallani” (fallaciously?) in the Voice of the People sounds like something generated by the latest hallucinating AI: Gibberish bot — what? Steve Ditlea


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