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Readers sound off on the dangers of natural gas, marijuana smoke and Trump trial attendees

Defenders of gas are protecting their profits

Setauket, L.I.: “Don’t raise the NY Heat Act: It threatens the safety of all New Yorkers” (op-ed, May 12) is still trying to wave limp, disproven scare tactics. While the NY HEAT Act already has the support of Gov. Hochul, and has in two successive years been passed by the state Senate, it has that support because it’s good for New Yorkers. It reduces the dangers of natural gas, which leaks from pipelines and appliances. Those dangers include effects on human health (headaches, dizziness, breathing problems and even death), warming the Earth’s atmosphere, and being highly explosive. Using electricity generated by renewable, clean, always available, free sources like wind and solar moves us toward cleaner air and keeps us safer.

And NY HEAT does not force anyone who uses gas to stop using it. Saying they will have to is a scare tactic created by those whose income depends on people buying gas. Nobody’s gas is going to be decommissioned. Nobody’s freedom of choice is being taken away. “Obligation to serve” requires gas suppliers to replace end-of-life gas lines with ones that will last decades, even beyond their need, at customer expense. NY HEAT allows neighborhoods to use one of several better options (that their utility can deliver) like a thermal energy network.

No sane person could deny climate change is real and threatening us. Yet, many insist that we should wait or delay, claiming we’re not ready for action. Nothing could be further from the truth. The utilities have the ability to keep our lights on and homes comfortable without continued dependence on fossil fuels. Jane Fasullo

Niche issue

Brooklyn: Anita Laremont (“Albany is interfering with NYC’s co-op market,” op-ed, May 14) argues against proposed legislation in Albany, saying it will benefit co-op owners who are millionaires and not entitled to any consideration. But she doesn’t mention that the legislation will harm nobody but the few enormous landlords, such as Columbia University and Trinity Church, who have owned great swathes of Manhattan land since the 17th century. Why should we low- and middle-income Daily News readers take sides in this battle? Mary Foutz

Pot solidarity

Brooklyn: Being a hot-headed radical, I feel unlicensed pot sellers should not have to face handcuffs. I’m a 74-year-old veteran pot activist since 1966. Many have struggled along the way so pot shops can happen in our community. Many died in American gulags due to pot. It is a shame that those who are licensed have taken legal action against the unlicensed! We are all in this struggle together. I marched for weed and freedom. Now we have 40,000 prisoners of weed. Time for solidarity. Therefore, let’s have peace for our prisoners. Let’s de-schedule and have mass amnesty and reparations! Enough is enough. Aron Kay

Odious odor

Brooklyn: Now that many people enjoy smoking weed, be it in the morning, afternoon or at night, they don’t seem to realize that there is a lingering smell. It is especially heavy on rainy or humid days. For the first time after riding the train for almost 40 years, there was that smell. While entering the particular subway car I ride four mornings a week, I came upon a rider sitting on the seat puffing away on a joint. I was so taken aback I proceeded to ask him, “Really?” I then ended up running into the next car before the doors closed. I just don’t understand how people can do something without thinking about others. Do they think about others that may be allergic to cigarettes, cigars or joints? Do they think about children who do not know what that smell is and have to ask their parents? Carol A. Cannizzo

Hard copy

Brooklyn: When I wrote complaining about your paper not having a story on the Knicks beating Philadelphia, Voicer Stephen Talenti wrote in saying I should get the digital edition. For some reason he had to also write that I should get with the times. He automatically assumed this. Since he is so much with the times, he should know that too much time on the computer or iPad can cause eye strain and headaches. That is why I prefer to actually hold the paper. And Stephen, I am sending this letter by email using my computer. Dennis Burge

Trash makers

Bethesda, Md.: I take issue with the irresponsible carelessness of some manufacturers when it comes to human health, the environment and climate change. In particular, bottled beverage businesses, and in general, animal agriculture. It seems inappropriate that companies that bottle drinks in plastic containers take absolutely no responsibility for cleaning up the mess they are making, instead leaving it to individual consumers and local communities to dispose of the debris, which ultimately ends up in landfills and waterways, resulting in a drain on government resources while devastating the environment. Then there is animal agriculture, the biggest contributor to climate change, not to mention their contribution to the spread of viruses, bacteria and devastating pollution of our air, land and water! We can not be considered stewards of this planet when we are destroying ourselves and the Earth, leaving the mess to be dealt with by future generations. It’s irresponsible and immoral. Shemirah Brachah

Early preview

Staten Island: Tuesday’s TV section schedule was for Wednesday evening TV. Getting ahead of yourselves! Maria Saporito

Relinquished rights

Rye Brook, N.Y.: The Associated Press article of May 15 (“Palestinians in Gaza fear history will repeat itself with a new exile”) fails to indicate that the Arabs started the 1948 war as well as the 1947 civil war. It incorrectly claims that Israel refused to let the refugees return. Israeli proposals for the return of the refugees at the 1949 Rhodes and Lausanne armistice conferences were rejected by the Arabs because of their requirement of a peace treaty granting Arab recognition of Israel. Israel absorbed as citizens 800,000 Jewish refugees driven out of Arab countries. The Arabs disgracefully placed the Palestinian refugees and their descendants in refugee camps. Demes Poulos

Statement of fact

West Orange, N.J.: Voicer W. Twirley stated the truth about Israel supporting the apartheid government of South Africa. Does that make Twirley antisemitic? Just wondering. L. Bond


Suffolk, Va.: Re “Biden can follow FDR and dump his VP” (op-ed, May 14): Think-tank scribe Howard Husock got it right that there is a precedent for incumbent presidents to swap out running mates to get reelected. However, the rest of his op-ed is rubbish. It was regional balance, not “identity politics,” that guided 2020 candidate Joe Biden to choose California Sen. Kamala Harris to geographically balance the ticket. The accomplished former attorney general, and before that San Francisco district attorney, comes from a state that would be the world’s fifth-largest economy if it were a nation. Furthermore, to suggest that Biden could channel Bill Clinton and do a “Sister Souljah” stunt, is odious. What are you really suggesting, Mr. Husock? Even comparing Harris’ politics to that of Henry Wallace, an out-of-touch progressive during the 1940s, is looney. Presidential scholars would point Husock to a classroom corner and order him to don a dunce cap. Wayne Dawkins

Goon gallery

Ridgewood, N.J.: Re “House Speaker Johnson and more Trump loyalists show at hush money trial” (May 15): Donald Trump is on trial for violating state, not federal, laws. Having federal-level Republicans filling the seats amounts to intimidation. A silent but potent unspoken threat to the court, jury and witnesses. Shame on the speaker and others kissing The Don’s posterior. Peter J. Peirano

Trump’s toadies

Bronx: Watching the toadies lining up behind Donald Trump at his trial (dressed alike in navy suits and red ties, echoing his rhetoric), I’m waiting for them to jump up and scream “pick me for VP!” Despite them saying the trial is politically motivated, I think the IRS would disagree, since falsifying business records is, in fact, a crime. They need to get their heads out of their (and Trump’s) butts. Mary Ann Guarneri


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