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Readers sound off on Schumer vs. Netanyahu, Officer Diller’s funeral and congestion pricing revenue

Schumer turning on Bibi is a watershed moment

San Francisco: It may have taken a few days for Sen. Chuck Schumer’s March 14 speech condemning Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his prosecution of the war in Gaza to pervade the American psyche, but its full effects are now producing a maelstrom of emotions on all sides of the political spectrum.

Schumer declared that Netanyahu had “lost his way” and had become an obstacle to peace, along with Hamas and Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas. Stating that Israel was becoming a pariah nation, Schumer made a direct call for new elections in Israel that would steer the country toward a two-state solution favored by the U.S. and many nations.

Israel’s reaction was swift and to the point, declaring that they were not a banana republic, but an independent and proud democracy that elected Netanyahu. Israel’s goal of the eradication of Hamas, the organization that massacred approximately 1,200 Israelis on Oct. 7 has popular support, even though Netanyahu is not popular. It is probably not coincidental that Schumer’s statement follows upon the recent visit by Netanyahu rival Benny Gantz, seen by many to have the Israeli support to become the next prime minister.

One can understand Schumer, a strong supporter of Israel, making this statement for domestic political reasons. The war in Gaza is extremely unpopular with American progressives, and if they stay home and not vote, it could cost President Biden the election. One must also consider that Israel is fighting evil, and Hamas can’t be part of a political solution. Indeed, Schumer’s speech, while brave, has created a maelstrom of emotions. Bruce Farrell Rosen

Put another way

Beechhurst: To Voicer John A. MacKinnon: You thought it was fine to conflate my criticism of Schumer’s public flogging of the leader of a sister democracy and key ally in the Mideast with support for what you called Bibi’s “terrorist rampage in Palestine,” but you throw a hissy fit over my calling you out for what your reckless words suggest. If I had said your words were tantamount to saying Zionism is terrorism (an update on the old “Zionism is racism” canard), would that make you feel better? James Hyland


Smithtown, L.I.: When I started reading Ron Kuby’s guest essay about how hate crimes are becoming way too easy to be charged with (“Hating Albany’s new hate crimes,” op-ed, March 26), I saw a glimmer of hope in the man. I believe labeling crimes by motivation before a trial causes division and is used for political or monetary gain. But then I read how Kuby’s objection is only when it’s raised by Jewish victims. Kuby was born and raised in a Jewish home yet has been spewing hatred against Jews his whole adult life. If this self-loathing isn’t a symptom of a mental illness or personality disorder, nothing is. Andrew Ross

Lawless environment

Brooklyn: The policies created by the Bill de Blasio administration and continued by the present one created the anti-cop and pro-criminal environment we have today. Because of the present policies, New York City has lost another of its Finest. NYPD officer Jonathan Diller was not only a cop; he was a husband, father, friend, son and loved family member. I can not imagine the grief his family is going through. It is so sad that his son will never get to know his dad. What will it take for the powers that be to change pro-criminal laws? Melissa Lieberman

Ulterior motives

Manhattan: Donald Trump just can’t stand to have someone get more attention than he gets (“Don going to cop wake,” March 28). Can’t he let this hero’s family have a few moments of peace? Can’t he do something more noble, like call the family in a quiet moment or donate some of his supposed money to one of the funds set up for Diller’s family? He has no interest in the sorrow this family is experiencing except in how he can use it for his campaign. Horrible man. Joie Anderson

Uncaring attendee

Rockaway Beach: On Thursday, the family, friends, coworkers and concerned citizens sadly mourned Police Officer Jonathan Diller, which was no place for Trump to be. Officer Diller’s wake became a political rally for Trump. I truly believe that if he wasn’t running for president and even lived in NYC, he would not make the trip out to Long Island. Of all the sickening things he has said and done, to me this is by far the most uncaring, self-centered and self-serving. Someone please help him learn to shut up and stand down. Barbara Yahle

The bad book

Garwood, N.J.: $59.99 plus postage for the “God Bless the USA” Bible? The potential comedic value in having your cronies spot the Trump Bible on one’s bookshelf makes it a bargain at twice the price. Further hijinks are assured when you challenge guests to spot the improvements he hath made, as when Donnie cut out all the loser stuff, such as the first, third, fourth, seventh, eighth, ninth and 10th commandments. Sinners no longer need feel bad just because they worship money over God, curse using the Lord’s name, blow off the Sabbath, commit serial adultery, steal, lie and covet others’ possessions. And this just in from Donald Trump Ministries Inc. — attention fundamentalist churches that are already bedecked with MAGA paraphernalia in lieu of a cross or any hint of decency: Autographed Trump Bibles are now available for the bargain price of your immortal soul. Now that’s the real “Art of the Deal.” Mike Gordeuk

Still hawking

Monroe, N.J.: The great flim-flam former president is at it again. Business is open — trading cards, steaks, golden sneakers, a new “American” Bible, and now offering stocks in his internet messaging company. For someone who cried that he can’t make his bond for a court judgment and had it reduced, he is doing quite well financially and is once again avoiding accountability for his actions. Waiting to see if there will be a new product, like asbestos fire-prevention “Pants on Fire” brand to be sold to liars and his MAGA sheep. The possibility of having him as president is frightening and unacceptable! Katherine A. Moloney

Totally legal

Pearl River, N.Y.: To Voicer Mike Barrett: It must be legal to use campaign donations for legal cases, otherwise Trump would be indicted and raked over the coals. Also, what do you care? You aren’t contributing to Trump’s campaign. Oh, that’s right — you’re just trying to stir the pot and cause conflict. So typical of your ilk. Robert Brennan

Major cost

Manhattan: Your editorial on congestion pricing (“Congestion pricing countdown,” March 28) was ridiculous. Calling people cheapskates because they don’t want to pay $15 for the incompetence of the MTA and its money grab is insulting and childish. I live in the zone and am a retiree on a pension. It will add $3,000 a year for just living where I have lived for 35 years, giving that money to an agency I don’t even use. Maybe you should be looking at how incompetent the MTA really is and holding them accountable. Joseph Duffy

Financial oversight

Blauvelt, N.Y.: With Gotham’s congestion pricing seemingly near the gate, immediate steps should be taken to lasso all proceeds and place them in a trust fund overseen by the state comptroller. The MTA sees the potential $1 billion take as another fat cash cow that, given history, might well take a right and left turn into the murky Hudson and East rivers. The agency justifies congestion pricing as necessary to fund much-needed transit improvements, but will that happen? As has occurred with never-ending toll hikes on crossings and fare hikes, the added money never seems to be enough while bloating increases. Do not let the MTA control the purse strings on congestion pricing. Funnel the moolah as needed but through oversight, hopefully avoiding wasteful spending, such as overpriced contracts. Art Gunther


Astoria: Mr. Mayor, what are you going to give the migrants next, our first born? What about our veterans and homeless here? Wake up, people, vote these people out. Anthony Gigantiello


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