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Readers sound off on lobbyists’ influence, funding CUNY and Gaza

Corporate lobbyists are a threat to our health

White Rock, British Columbia: So far, I’ve willingly consumed three COVID vaccine injections and usually take the annual influenza vaccine because I basically believe the mainstream science behind them.

While the public verbal assaults against Dr. Anthony Fauci by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (“Marjorie Greene batty in hearing with Fauci,” June 4) are inexcusable, I nevertheless think that the term “science” gets used a bit too readily and frequently nowadays, including for political or self-serving purposes. Also, I’m cautious of blindly buying into what I call speculative science.

Due to increasingly common privatized research for corporate profit aims, sometimes even science can be for sale. Notably, questionable research results are sometimes publicly amplified if they favor the corporate product; and, conversely, accurate research results can be suppressed or ignored if they are unfavorable to business interests, even when involving human health.

Also, mega-corporation lobbyists — especially those representing the huge and very powerful and influential pharmaceutical industry — tend to pull corpo-cratically oriented Western governments (especially those of Canada and the U.S.) by the nose.

Once in power, established political parties will kowtow to big business’ threats of transferring or eliminating jobs and capital investment, thus economic stability, if corporate “requests” aren’t accommodated.

In any event, such lobbyist manipulation does not belong in any government body, such as Health Canada or the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, that was established to protect consumers’ safety and health rather than big businesses’ insatiable profit goals. Frank Sterle Jr.

Good move

New Rochelle, N.Y.: Gov. Hochul made the right call to stop congestion pricing. I live in Westchester and regularly contribute to the city’s economy. I already pay enormous tolls, crazy parking lot fees and high prices for theater tickets, dinners and other experiences. Congestion pricing was just an unfair tax that would cost businesses money and hurt those who already invest in the city. It would segregate a part of the city unfairly and unnecessarily. Brian Feinblum


Brooklyn: The MTA had years to do something about the fare-jumping in the subways and on  buses, causing millions in lost revenue. It did nothing except create a paper empire called the MTA. It’s ridiculous what was allowed to happen. Thank you, Gov. Hochul, for having a heart and stopping the money grab. Maybe they should clean up their act and save the public from another kick in the pants. Frank Barbuto

Look elsewhere

Brooklyn: Congestion pricing finally stopped before half the hospital workers lose their jobs. Wow! Common sense prevails. Going into Manhattan would be so burdensome that patients would go somewhere else. Maybe the MTA could start collecting some of the $800 million that they don’t collect from people entering the system. Maybe the media might stop listening to the advocates and start investigating why $800 million to $1 billion is not collected and answer why anyone would give more money to these very bad managers. F. Bodkin

Revenue racket

Milford, Pa.: Why do MTA finances always need “propping up” (which usually mean drivers paying)? Why is this agency being allowed to lose more than $700 million a year just from fare evasion? When is it ever enough? Why is it fine to give an out-of-control agency another billion dollars? Why does Janno Lieber make $400,000 a year (as much as the president and more than the mayor or governor)? Before they get another dime, there needs to be a congressional investigation into the MTA’s finances. After all these years, it should be obvious to anyone with a brain that the MTA will never have enough money. It’s nothing more than a runaway train. Robert K. Greco

Now do CUNY

Manhattan: Re “More ed. cuts undone” (June 4): Mayor Adams is backing off some of his cuts to K-12 schools. Is he finally listening to constituents, budget experts and the City Council? His attacks on education are unnecessary and hurt the New Yorkers he was elected to serve. Libraries, 3-K and other public services should also be restored, and CUNY should be next in line. Adams has cut $94 million from CUNY community colleges since he was elected. We’ve lost 400 full-time faculty and staff whose work was critical to student success and retention. Facilities are undermaintained and understaffed. CUNY’s striving, working-class students deserve better from a mayor who got his start at City Tech and John Jay College. They deserve full funding of their colleges and an education that will sustain the extraordinary contributions that CUNY graduates make to the city’s workforce, tax base, economy and vibrant culture. James Davis, president, Professional Staff Congress, Union of CUNY Faculty and Staff

That’s our money

Brooklyn: Another 33 people killed in Gaza. I don’t want my tax dollars used to kill Palestinian children! I didn’t ask for that. Before more American money goes to Israel, I say we put it to a vote. No one I know wants to fuel this war. Bob Gomez

Pull his privileges

Greenburgh, N.Y.: The NYPD wants to take Donald Trump’s guns away because the former president is a felon. Good idea, but it’s not enough. As a former president, Trump gets lots of  lifetime perks: a pension, staff, office expenses. I don’t think that taxpayers should have to pay for the staff and office expenses of a former president who was convicted of felonies. The Former Presidents Act excludes from benefits presidents who have been removed from office by the Senate. Why should convicted felons get better treatment? Paul Feiner


Staten Island: So now I hear that President Biden may lose large swatches of Latino voters because he’s tightened border crossings. Latinos can come here anytime they want to, but do it legally. I’m sorry that you live in a country where the government is corrupt, the police are corrupt and you fear for your lives, but entering my country illegally is tantamount to coming into my home without an invitation and expecting all the perks that come with a legitimate invitation. Do Latinos here legally really think that holding votes from Biden is the answer? I’m not a Trump fan by any stretch of the imagination, but see what they get if and when Trump becomes president. Dennis Pascale

‘Tis better to give

Columbus, Ohio: Dear rich family members, please sell your numerous mansions, expensive vehicles, yachts, private jets, etc. and give the proceeds to the poor, low-income, struggling people in your family and in your global family. Then follow Jesus, Buddha or live your life nobly and humbly. You’ll have so much joy in your heart as you give to your family to pay for their education, college, housing, rent, mortgage, farm equipment, farm supplies, animal feed, seeds, irrigation equipment, machinery, tools, cell phones, computers and printers, work boots, work clothes, school uniforms, textbooks, daycare, health care, utilities, transportation, clothing, food, groceries, home health aides, private nurse help, delivered meals, heating fuel, water, car repairs, shoes, boots, winter clothes, toys, medications, prescriptions, diapers, infant formula, bus fare, tuition, etc. You’ll have joy and happiness that will last a lifetime, and great will be your reward in heaven. Catherine Jackson

Missed game

Melville, L.I.: On Thursday night, the Yankees won their eighth consecutive game, defeating the Twins. Apparently, the Daily News thought this never happened, as there was no mention of it in the e-edition. I am pretty sure I did not imagine the game was played. Not providing game coverage is insulting to the fan base and reflects poorly on your publication. Larry Leiner


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