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Readers sound off on foster benefits policy, Billy Joel’s concert and Biden’s bridge funding

Within federal rules, NYC works for foster kids

Manhattan: The article “City keeps funding by stiffing foster kids” (April 8) blatantly mischaracterizes the efforts the NYC Administration for Children’s Services is making to ensure children in foster care are able to receive and conserve federal Supplemental Security Income (disability) benefits.

The Adams administration has prioritized supporting children in foster care, and since taking office, we have increased the amount of funding conserved for this population. In July 2022, the administration increased the money saved on behalf of this group of children in foster care, ending a decades-old practice of withholding certain benefits. New York City ACS became one of the first jurisdictions in the country and the first in the state to conserve survivor (RSDI) and disability (SSI) benefits for children in foster care, so that RSDI and SSI beneficiaries can receive savings up to the federally set maximums, which is limited to $2,000 for SSI benefits.

Last month, ACS released a draft policy for public comment to formalize the process that the Adams administration implemented in July 2022. There has been no change in process, procedure or intent with regard to ensuring that money reaches children. When the city drafts formal child welfare policies, we are required to seek public comment as well as state approval —but that does not preclude us from doing what is right for children in our care by implementing the change while the formal policy-making process ensues.

ACS and the Adams administration remain committed to connecting eligible children in and leaving foster care to benefits, and conserving these resources consistent with federal guidelines. Jess Dannhauser, commissioner, ACS

Right from wrong

Rosedale: To Voicer Greg Ahl: Yes, we need to teach values in school, but we reap what we sow. In 1985-86 there was a teacher shortage. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree in anything was offered an emergency teaching license. Before I could enter a classroom, I had to complete a brief training. The NYC Board of Education representative told us we could not push our values on the children. We were not allowed to tell them something was wrong. As an example, he said: Suppose we tell a child that lying is wrong, but in their culture or religion, lying is acceptable. We have now created a conflict. Who is the child to believe? The teacher? The parents? Religious leaders? I eventually left public school and have been involved with private school to this day. Louise Walton

Cop as you are

Forest Hills: In response to your recent piece on the NYPD’s effort to spruce up cops’ uniforms and change back to the no-beards rule, I feel the need to defend our cops. If they’re more comfortable on a hot day in shorts, I don’t care. If they’d like cargo pants to help carry their plethora of paraphernalia, fine by me. In short, if I needed a cop for help, I would be happy to see one even sporting a tiara! Stop with the nitpicking, NYPD brass, and instead concentrate on attracting more candidates to replenish a woefully understaffed (and underpaid, for that matter) police department. J.M. Culley

Unceremonious farewell

Middletown, N.J.: Saddened to read of Ella Elvin’s passing in the obituaries. Sadder still that our once-great Daily News failed to give your 30-year food editor a more proper sendoff. An article and photo would’ve been nice. Bob Johnson

Major league legend

Manhattan: Re “Even at 18, he had the Dwight stuff” (April 14): Dwight Gooden in the mid-1980s defined baseball. All of New York cheered his electric strikeouts. It should come as no surprise that my two favorite pitchers, Yankees legend Whitey Ford and Gooden, both wore number 16. Adam Silbert

Killed the music

Manhattan: In 1968, when the Jets were a good team, NBC cut off a game with Oakland at 7 p.m. to show the children’s movie “Heidi” with two minutes to go, the Jets ahead by about 10 points. The Jets lost in the final seconds, and all the networks started a policy to never cut off a  sports game when it ran into overtime. On Sunday night, Billy Joel’s two-hour concert started almost an hour late on CBS due to a late-running golf tournament. They cut off the concert in the middle of a song around 11:30. Fans were furious. Sports are never cut off. Joel was cut off in the middle of a song for news. Anita Forgash


Merrick, L.I.: Billy Joel’s televised concert on CBS was cut off during his distinguished song “Piano Man,” which allowed the local news to stay on schedule. This reminded me of the infamous “Heidi” game. “It’s déjà vu all over again.” Curtis E. Izen

Abrupt end

Middle Village: I can’t believe that CBS cut off the end of Billy Joel’s concert! Donna Morena

Foreign loyalties

Fresh Meadows: It’s truly unbelievable that United States officials will send Israel’s government about $3.3 billion a year for military aid to defend their country but can’t do anything about the senseless killing of innocent women and children in Gaza. What’s more amazing is that Israel’s government had the nerve to attack Iran in the process, and now we (U.S.A.) have to respond to assist them. The arrogance of Benjamin Netanyahu toward other world leaders is unconscionable. No matter what political party you support, we really need to pay attention to who we place in office in city, state and federal government. Gregory Coston

Scuttled efforts

Howard Beach: It is frustrating to read letters such as the one from Voicer Regina Mangan, who complains that President Biden is not doing anything about border security. Is Regina totally unaware that the Senate had a border security bill backed by Biden? It was Donald Trump who told Republicans to kill this bill because he wanted to use border security as a campaign issue. Seems like Trump knew his MAGA supporters would be clueless about his actions, as Regina’s letter proves. Barbara Berg

A bridge none too far

Boynton Beach, Fla.: Voicer Joseph Minardi is upset because President Biden has proactively taken the initiative to involve our government in helping finance the replacement of the Baltimore bridge. I can only imagine the outrage if Biden failed to take action. More Sleepy Joe condemnation, perhaps? That said, the Maryland Transportation Authority, one day after the accident, filed an insurance claim for $350 million. Additionally, maritime law requires the owner of the ship, in this case the Dali Corporation of Singapore, to assume insurance liability for the damage. While the combined insurance coverage of the MTA and Dali may not pay the full price for restoration of the bridge, it will cover a substantial portion. Kudos to Biden for acting posthaste to ensure the timely restoration of an integral part of our infrastructure. William T. Bredin

Just deplorable

Henderson, Nev.: To MAGA deplorable Voicer Martin Smith: I am always amazed at the garbage you Trump-lovers spew. You called Biden a draft-dodger. You mean Orangeman Bone Spurs, don’t you? And the only whoremonger I see is Trump himself. Face it: Orangeman only went to that cop’s funeral for a photo spot. Jan. 6 proved he doesn’t care for police. Martin Posner

Contemptible consolation

Scranton, Pa.: The parent company of Starburst candy sent a Luzerne County, Pa., woman $6 in coupons after she broke a tooth on a piece of metal in one of the confections. This is akin to the creator of the universe sending a compensatory passenger ticket on Noah’s Ark to a sucker who was conned out of $59.99 for a Bible hawked by the former president on trial for paying hush money to a porn star. Vin Morabito

Lost in the email

Manhattan: When I send out news that I read in your paper by email, one friend who uses an Apple device has some messages blocked and never receives them. Others without Apple always get the messages I send. Is blocking email messages by Apple allowed at this time? I’ve read reports from others online who have an Apple machine and have had issues like this before. What’s going on with Apple? Alan Lehrer


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