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Readers sound off on executive cabinet picks, Biden’s stutter and gender celebrations

This election is about much more than one man

North Brunswick, N.J.: There have been dozens of letters critical of both candidates for president, but none have mentioned a more important reason to vote: What and who they will bring into their fold. We aren’t voting for one man, we should be voting for our country’s best interests. Neither are a golden be-all choice. Both are showing their age (one acknowledges it). Both have had too many moments that had us asking ourselves, “What did I just watch?” But both, having held the office of president, have shown us what they will do and who they will have as advisors, department heads and judges. These are what we need to look at.

One man brought to his side con men, anarchists, crooks and racists. Some are now in prison or have been. Some are facing criminal charges. He brought in his son-in-law even though he failed the security tests, who later got a payoff from the Saudis in the billions of dollars. It has been obvious from the beginning that he has been the useful idiot of those people and their agenda (Project 2025 is terrifying).

One man promised, and kept to it, that he would have a cabinet and Supreme Court that reflected our country. Not one of his nominees has had legal problems and not one was caught saying something that would make one cringe. Despite the efforts of a mostly MAGA Congress, he has gotten a lot done with the help and advice of those he chose to work alongside him.

We must look past the individuals and remember what they bring to the table. Acknowledge their shortcomings but notice their circle and vote accordingly. Louise Reeves

Mobility aid

Carmel, N.Y.: President Franklin Roosevelt used a wheelchair because of polio. During that time period, it was necessary to hide his disability from the public. Why not provide President Biden with a modern mobility scooter to keep him safe from falling, tripping and tumbling? Susan McCormack

Sticking by him

Manhattan: I still like Joe. Now is the time for all good Democrats to come to the aid of our good president! Yes, Joe had a bad debate, but Daffy Donald didn’t do any better! Joe is old, but lying Donnie is bat-crap crazy. So I still like Joe! I will still be voting for Joe! He will win the White House in a landslide, and Donnie will be going to the big house no matter what the Supremes say! Eugene Rodriguez

Back the blue

Saratoga Springs, N.Y.: No matter if Joe Biden runs or steps aside, the Democrats must unite behind the candidate, no matter who it is. This is not the time for fractious infighting. Now more than ever, it’s more important who is not the president than who is. This is America’s last chance. Bob English

Medical screening

Greenburgh, N.Y.: The American Medical Association should be asked to appoint a panel of impartial doctors who never contributed to Democratic or Republican candidates. This panel should examine both Joe Biden and Donald Trump to determine if either is incapable of performing the duties of the presidency. The results should be made public. If either or both have cognitive issues, they should be denied their party’s nomination. Let’s give both candidates the same examination and the same public scrutiny. Paul Feiner

Focus on substance

Bronx: I’ve had it with the brouhaha about Biden’s performance at the debate. None of the mainstream media is talking about Trump and the lies he told once he opened his mouth! I will take Biden’s exhaustion and cold any day over Trump’s plan to follow Project 2025 if he is reelected. If you do not know what that is, Google it! I also hate the emphasis on his age. Yes, he’s 81. So what!? The fact that folks live long enough to be 81 does not mean they are doddering idiots. The Democratic Party and its leaders need to stop the nonsense about age and a single debate and concentrate on emphasizing what good Biden has done for this country in three and a half years. Claudette Mobley

Implausible denial

San Francisco: With regard to Project 2025, Trump says, “I know nothing about Project 2025. I disagree with some of the things they are saying.” So, which is it? You can not disagree with something that you know nothing about. Furthermore, if you disagree with some of the things, that implies that you agree with other things. In either case, I feel confident he is lying. Now tell me something I don’t know. Jimmy Layton

Speaking of Biden

Parkland, Fla.: While most folks and media are focusing their attention on Biden’s poor performance at the first debate, one has to wonder how much of his loss of train of thought is due to his stutter. I have watched many of Biden’s speeches and have always noticed periods where he seems to get lost in the current sentence only to recover (sometimes not so eloquently). Having been to speech therapy in P.S. 208 in Brooklyn in the ’60s, I watched as Ms. Marcus, our speech therapist, would teach her stuttering students how to concentrate through the word that triggers the stutter. This requires breathing and concentration techniques. I see this sometimes with Biden. So, instead of claiming he is too old to run and that he is a doddering, senile senior, one should consider the incredible achievement he’s made to overcome this problem and run the country. John Squicciarini

Unfair pressure

Brooklyn: ABC must be so proud. George Stephanopoulos spent 22 minutes trying to get President Biden to say he’s unfit for the job he’s done so well and that he will drop out of the race. Forget that Biden has done a stellar job against steep odds. Forget that every concern about his fitness can be brought against his opponent in spades! Forget that the Democratic Party needs to take a lesson in loyalty from their adversaries. Whatever happened to journalistic impartiality? Saying Trump refused an interview is not the same as the grilling Biden underwent — especially when Trump’s smug smirk is plastered all over every media outlet. He’s their cash cow. If Biden is unfit for another term, so is Trump, and for more and better reasons than just having a bad debate performance. The wrong man is being asked to drop out of the race. Ilsa Ruthen

Militant Christians

Manhattan: Christianity uber alles. Get ready for an American Kristallnacht. It’s coming. Daniel Jean Lipsman


Middle Village: This is infuriating! I want to watch the fireworks, not the singers or the crowd! I studied film in college and worked as a professional photographer. I appreciate good camera work, but this is not the place for panning, zooming, editing, etc. Just put the freaking camera on a tripod, turn it on and leave it alone. Let us watch the display the way it was intended to be viewed. There were musicians performing both before and after the fireworks. Was it necessary for them to play during it? Lee Rottenberg

Don’t stop there

Tarrytown, N.Y.: To Voicer Dante Medori: Amen to your idea of generating public funds by authorizing use of the Times Square New Year’s Ball for gender reveal parties. Why stop there? As long as New York State law allows gender transitions, why not keep the suspense going throughout one’s lifetime? Perhaps every 10 years, friends and relatives could celebrate an individual’s being alive by gathering at the Crossroads of the World to watch the ball drop and find out if you’re opting to change sexual designation or not. Even better: With advances in CRISPR gene editing technology, it shouldn’t be long before we can also change our mammalian classification. For instance, who wouldn’t rather be a cat than a human (Jocelyne Wildenstein tried by plastic surgery in the ’90s but failed)? What a rip-roaring experience to be had in Times Square with such reveals, and think of the city’s coffers growing elephantine! Steve Ditlea


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