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Readers sound off on corporate business practices, Biden’s flaws and teen drownings

Don’t blame politicians for a company’s choices

Effort, Pa.: To Voicer Robert Lobenstein, who blamed the Biden administration for John Deere’s planned move to Mexico: The Biden administration is not responsible for this move. John Deere itself blames lower demand resulting in smaller profits. But there is much more to this story.

Wages and benefits are much cheaper in Mexico. We can thank union-weakening “right to work” laws for this. During Donald Trump’s tariff war, China retaliated by cutting orders for soybean, corn and other agricultural products, resulting in layoffs and lower demand. The tariffs were so destructive to the farming industry that they required more than $24 billion in aid in 2020, an all-time high. During the Trump years, more than 20 companies in Indiana alone moved to Mexico to cut costs (also known as people).

As far as John Deere being a “truly American company,” it employs more than 80,000 people in 30 countries, including Russia and China. A class-action lawsuit was filed against John Deere by farmers for violating antitrust laws. For decades, they restricted farmers with their “right to repair” requirement. They restricted the farmers’ access, forcing them to use overpriced dealers for repairs, tools and documentation.

These are not intrusive business practices by the government. They are gut-wrenching, fake “rights” by companies. The victims are the hard-working farmers and factory workers, our neighbors and our fellow citizens. We are supposed to have a government for the people, not the corporations. Our country is drowning from out-of-control corporate greed. By the way, poor John Deere is projected to only make $7 billion in profit this year! Kathleen Slattery

Damage control

Morristown, N.J.: Panicky Democrats decided that the best thing to do for Big Guy Biden after his debate meltdown was to put him on TV with career softball pitcher and lefty lib butt-kisser George Stephanopoulos. Too little, too late. Everyone knows that Sleepy Joe is not just way over the hill, but he’s also grossly incompetent. He should be put out to pasture. It is quite sad and disgraceful that the Dems would put our country in dire straits with another four years of this clown and his lefty sidekicks. Trump 2024. Frank J. Perry

Washed up

Brooklyn: As Biden said to George Stephanopoulos, “I have a Mideast peace plan that’s on the verge of fruition,” I thought to myself, maybe Joe’s not cognitively impaired — maybe he’s just drunk. The 22-minute cotton-mouthed interview went on to say the standard “I created 15 million jobs,” when all that really happened was the pandemic ended and people went back to work. Of course, Joe declared all the polls are wrong, which is like someone who says, “Everyone is nuts but me.” Call it denial, cognitive impairment or poor health — this man has finally got to go! David DiBello

Speaking of standards

Easton, Pa.: I’ve been wondering for some time now, why is everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth a lie but everything that comes out of Biden’s mouth is just a gaffe? Barbara Cusano

Safer option

Brooklyn: Yes, President Biden is an old man with declining mental acuity. Still, at his worst, he is a far better choice than his opponent, who has rightfully been described in the past as a narcissist, a pathological liar, and even a psychopath, though perhaps the best description of Trump was provided by two Republican White House staff members who framed him as a “moron” and an “imbecile.” If Trump is elected in November, we will be driven into national turmoil by a wannabe autocrat. So I’ll stick with Biden, thank you. David I. Goldstein

Party to disaster

Bronx: I am a tried-and-true-blue Democrat. It angers me that President Biden won’t step aside and let a vibrant younger person reenergize this election. We would win hands down and ensure that our country doesn’t end up in the hands of a dictator and con man. John Cirolia

Existential choice

Dayton, Ohio: In a July 7 editorial, “The president’s promises,” the Daily News writes, “So no, neither we nor anyone can say that Biden is in perfect shape.” Thus, in November, we must choose between a more decent but greatly diminished Biden or allowing Trump to become a malevolent dictator. It’s a poor choice, but our democratic republic has the strength to survive reelecting Biden. Whether it has the strength to survive reelecting Trump is questionable. Vic Presutti

Truth first

Bronx: Instead of stressing the decline in President Biden and acting like that in turn means to vote for Trump, talk more about the stream of lies that came out of Trump’s mouth. He says anything and hopes people will take it for truth. Unfortunately, his followers do. Even if Biden’s skills are declining, voting for an egotistical liar is not the answer. A diminished Biden still has it over Trump. Just because Trump doesn’t look frail does not mean he should get the vote. Fact check all Trump’s lies before deciding he is the best choice. Dorothy Krasiker

Well put

Rosedale: To Voicer Louise Reeves: Great letter about upcoming presidential choices. It’s about the country, not the man. Kudos to you! MaryBeth Pepe

Smart pick

Madison, Wis.: Given the increasing diversity of our country, it is essential for the GOP presidential ticket to include a person of color. I believe that Sen. Tim Scott is the right choice for vice president. As an immigrant, a person of color and a Republican voter, I would love to see Scott as Donald Trump’s running mate. Scott is a highly intelligent legislator who understands Washington politics, an excellent public speaker who can convey the policy priorities to the people, and he has a wonderful personality that can help attract independent voters. Also, Trump mentioned Scott’s name during the presidential debate last month. He has also praised Scott in the past, which indicates that the two individuals would get along well on the same presidential ticket. I hope Trump picks Scott for VP. Tawsif Anam

No less precious

South Ozone Park: Four people lost their lives when a drunk driver slammed into the nail salon they were in. On Sunday, there was a front-page picture of the police officer who was killed in the incident. On page 3, there was a full-page article including a picture of the downed officer and her police officer husband. The other victims were named, ever so briefly. I felt the other victims were minimized because they were not cops, and had the one victim not been a cop, they probably wouldn’t have been mentioned at all! That cop’s life is not any more important than the other victims of that horrific incident, and they should be treated and honored the same way that cop was! Let’s give them the same honor by calling out their names: Yan Xu, Meizi Zhang and Jiancai Chen. Carolyn Jones-Green

Tell it like it is

Bronx: White people do not want Black history taught in school because of the brutality, rapes, lynchings, beatings and unjust way of life that we have been forced to live with every day. They also want to hide our varied, invaluable contributions to this nation in every field of life. The truth will set us free. Alfred Williams

Late issue

Keene Valley, N.Y.: As much as I enjoy reading Bill Madden and Mike Lupica, perhaps they ought to write their Sunday columns on Saturday night. I know it’s a tough deadline, but Loopy totally ignored Ben Rice’s heroics for a bunch of long-named athletes playing tennis (who said that famous line about vowels?) and Billy M. missed the whole Rice drama. Kudos to your headline writers on out-Sterling John Sterling with the “Benbino” line! Victor Forbes

Free will failings

Fall River, Mass.: The recent spate of reported drownings of teenagers at local beaches reminds me of daredevil kids being killed while subway surfing. They know that lifeguards are off duty because of the late hour, and yet they’re willing to risk swimming in the ocean. And it doesn’t help when politicians go into showboat mode by complaining about a lack of lifeguards. There is such a thing as personal responsibility, and blaming others won’t solve the problem. Charles Winokoor


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