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Readers sound off on Biden stepping aside, Con Ed customer service and NYPD brass

Being successful includes knowing when to quit

Stamford, Conn.: It is painful to watch the endless news cycle that is drowning President Biden’s candidacy, drip by drip. Biden is a good man. He’s done nothing wrong. He has a lifetime of honorable public service at the highest levels of government. He’s beaten the odds, bounced back from apparent oblivion and has demonstrated remarkable resilience in the course of his long and distinguished career.

Yet, time is a merciless force that no one can escape. Biden’s catastrophic debate performance can’t be fixed. His aging mind and body were on display for all to see, and now we know the truth. The drumbeat for Biden to gracefully step away gets louder with each passing day. And the pain of watching a good man get dismantled by a growing chorus of doubters is unfair to him and to the Democratic Party.

Biden needs to make the inevitable decision immediately. No more spin and no more futile attempts to put toothpaste back in the tube. Time is running short and every day that this damaging news cycle continues is another day closer to an Election Day disaster.

The party leadership must show the resolve necessary to move Biden aside. They must coalesce around a sensitive but certain message. Biden must remove himself from contention to allow a change in the narrative. Let the process to replace him proceed, and from the ashes of political turmoil and strife, a phoenix will rise who can effectively exploit the extraordinary vulnerability that Donald Trump brings to the race. Time is of the essence! Peter Janoff

Can’t keep up appearances

Manhattan: President Biden had just one job at the debate: to come across as mentally and physically fit. He failed miserably on both counts. By contrast, Trump came across as cool, calm, collected and in full control of his mental and physical faculties. While Trump is a mere three years younger than Biden, the gap between them seemed much wider. The substance of what was said was less important than the candidates’ appearances. If the Democrats want to have any shot at winning the election, Biden needs to step down now while there’s still time to replace him with a more viable candidate. If Biden is a true patriot, as he professes to be, he will realize that the time has come for him to bow out gracefully for the good of the party and country. He must hand the baton to someone else. Chana Schwartz

Better than a bad guy

Tuckerton, N.J.: To Voicers Al D’Angelo, Marc Savino and Joan Cocurullo, who love Trump so much that they will sell our country to the Putin-lover and traitor: I wonder if you also believe that the Cosa Nostra are choir boys? Frankly, I would rather vote for someone you feel is a senile old man than someone who is a sick old man. Rose S. Wilson

Lopsided letters

Glen Head, L.I.: Since the debate, the majority of the letters printed in the Voice of the People fall into three groupings: The first group states that Biden actually won the debate or he had a cold that caused him to perform poorly! Seriously? The second group ignores the debate and continues to tout the “many successful accomplishments” of Biden. Are they talking about the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, which gave the Taliban $8.5 billion of advanced U.S. weaponry, or the open southern border, or the 30-40% increase in food and energy costs since Biden took office? Clueless! The third group consists of juvenile letter writers who think they are clever because they misspell Trump’s name or they call him what they think are funny or derogatory names. Grow up! Occasionally, the Daily News prints a letter or two supporting Donald Trump, but those letters are too few and far between. I guess facts hurt Democrats too much. Robert Kralick

True test

Scarsdale, N.Y.: I feel that Voicer Paul Feiner’s letter must be answered. He states that anyone who shows evidence of a cognitive difficulty should not be allowed to run for president but ignores the fact that there are levels of difficulty a person might have. However, I would be able to support this concept if he would agree to my proposal. Simply put, both candidates should take two tests. The second would be a lie detector test. If either of the two candidates are shown to be a habitual or chronic liar, then obviously they should be disqualified, since the American people deserve better. Herbert Katz

Eloquent defense

Brooklyn: Excellent article titled “Jill deserves respect” (column, June 7) by Leonard Greene. Francisco J. Castillo

Reversible revisionism

Manhattan: As Nick Akerman astutely wrote in his Sunday guest essay (“Supreme Court rewrites Watergate history,” July 7), the Supreme Court rewrote Watergate history with its recent immunity decision. It also legitimized crime in high places. It’s a big, ugly, stubborn stain, but it can be removed. How? Elect Democrats and expand and depoliticize the court. It’s hard work, but let’s “just do it”! Frankie Turchiano

That’s rich

Richmond Hill: With Bill Maher, Stormy Daniels has completely changed her story from what she previously said. She has had sex so many times that her genitalia must have moved up and corrupted her brain, just like she has corrupted her body. She is so full of crap that I could use her for my compost pile. Better than horse manure, I believe. It could do wonders for my vegetable garden. J. Napoleone


Manhattan: To Voicer Steve Ditlea: How hilarious that the Voice of the People allowed your idiotic diatribe to be printed. I’m sure someone was giggling as they typed out that foolishness. That’s what happens when you live by hate — you make ill-informed, silly mistakes (which are now memorialized!). Please go find out what a gender reveal really is and please, oh please, be embarrassed. Lastly, I find it intensely disturbing the amount of thought that people like you put into other people’s genitalia. T.S. Fallani

Quick recovery

Staten Island: Last week, we were without electricity twice and we also lost power three times for less than a minute. I called Con Ed and they advised that power would be restored in three to four hours. Well, both times they restored our power within two hours. They sent a text advising us that our power was back. We appreciated such a quick response each time. Thank you, Con Ed (by the way, I am not a Con Ed employee). Thomas Bell


Brooklyn: To Voicer Chris Matthew Sciabarra: Thank you! My sentiments exactly about the Macy’s fireworks show — or should I say, “concert.” So disappointing. Donna Arrigo


Kearny, N.J.: Under the clownish leadership of Mayor Adams, Eddie Caban, John Chell, Jeff Maddrey and Kaz Daughtry, the NYPD has become the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. From performative, macho shows of force like the bumbling Keystone Cops-like invasion of Columbia University to dangerous high-speed chases of suspects on busy city streets, New York’s Finest aren’t looking particularly competent lately. Now we find out that the intoxicated bum who drove into a crowd in a LES park had been cut loose by the NYPD after causing a ruckus and being kicked off a party boat just four blocks away (“Drunk & disorderly before fatal crash,” July 7). Apparently, the Barney Fifes who encountered him in a drunken state didn’t bother to see how he’d make his way home in his condition. Three people dead from an entirely preventable incident, but no heads will roll. John Woodmaska

Outcasted borough

Staten Island: To Voicer Barbara Haynes: Your letter implies that Long Island residents need to pay a toll to get to Queens. Long Island residents can travel to Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx without paying a toll. It all depends on which way you go. Motorists of the outer borough of Staten Island, however, are required to pay a toll to get to all of the other four boroughs and Long Island. Glenn Stevenson


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