Home News 'Re-writing history!' Obama accused of 'giving into' Putin after 'completely messing up'

'Re-writing history!' Obama accused of 'giving into' Putin after 'completely messing up'


Mr Schwartz included an image of Mr Obama towering over and frowning at Mr Putin at the G20 summit in 2016.

However, Political Youtuber Mahyar Tousi slammed Mr Scwartz’s comments.

Writing on Twitter, he included a video of Mr Obama talking to then Russian President Dimitri Medvedev at the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit.

Mr Obama is suggesting that after the 2012 US Presidential election he would have more flexibility on missile defence.

Mr Medvedev responded that he “understood” and would “transmit” the information to “Vladimir”.

Mr Tousi wrote: “This is re-writing history.

“Obama completely messed it up with Putin by giving into him.

“Here he was promising Putin to be more flexible on missile defence.

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Mr Obama won the 2012 US Presidential election comfortably beating Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

In response @kangaroosnxt10k wrote: “It all started much earlier.

“And this issue isn’t a one-sided affair.”

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