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Rats ‘will not enter gardens’ that have 4 plants as experts claim they ‘can’t stand them’

Rats are not something any gardener wants to deal with, indoors or outdoors. They may seem harmless as long as they are outside, but these pests can still cause problems.

Rats are known to carry and spread many viruses and bacteria but can be avoided by growing certain plants.

Growing rat-repelling plants not only keeps them out of your garden, where they may nest, reproduce, and damage your crops, but it can also keep them from getting inside. 

Rats will chew through wood or burrow under concrete to access food and safety inside your home. 

The gardening pros at Olle Gardens have shared some beautiful plants that will send rats running to another residence.

They said: “Rats and squirrels are just a few pests that like to wander around the garden and destroy crops – from digging roots to eating fruits and vegetables. 

“But don’t be nervous, there are some plants and herbs that can drive away those annoying animals”.

1. Peppermint 

Peppermint is a “natural deterrent” to rats, with the most popular types to grow being mentha spicata and menthe spiperita.

To put it simply, rodents like rats “do not like the smell” of this plant. However, to achieve the “most effective results” with this plant, gardeners need to plant mint around the edges of the garden.

The pros instructed: “Plant in areas where rodents can enter the garden. Once that smell this strongly-smelling herb, they will take off.”

It is best to plant mint in containers or in elevated flower beds, as this type of plant grows quickly and is highly invasive.

2. Cat mint 

Typically gardeners would plant this for their feline friends as they love this stuff, but when it comes to rats they “can’t stand them”.

Just like mint, it has a very pungent odour that rats dislike. As this plant returns “year after year in spring” gardeners can enjoy the beautiful flower that “lasts for two months” while deterring rodents.

3. Lavender 

Lavender is a “great choice” as it means rats “will not enter your garden” due to the fragrance overwhelming their senses.

Gardeners should look to spread the stems and flowers around plants specifically targeted by rats too.

4. Narcissus

Rats will happily eat many things growing in your garden, but they tend to avoid narcissus, most commonly known as daffodils.

Their flowers contain a strong floral aroma and their bulbs have an unpleasant taste. They also work very well at deterring squirrels from gardens.


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