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Queen’s new statue of her riding favourite horse to be unveiled at Sandhurst for Jubilee


The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee marks the sovereign’s 70th year on the throne in a momentous celebration. The Prince of Wales, the Duke of Cambridge and Princess Anne are set to be in her stead during the military display at Horse Guards Parade.

The bronze sculpture, by sculptor Caroline Wallace, was designed to celebrate the links between Her Majesty and the Army and has been almost two years in the making.

It will be the first sculpture of the Queen at the Royal Military Academy.

The monarch was given Burmese by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1969 and rode the mare at Trooping the Colour for 18 consecutive years.

The sculpture depicts her in the uniform of the Grenadier Guards at Trooping in 1984.

Ms Wallace told The Telegraph: “It’s the most interesting, and most challenging, commission I’ve had.

“It had to be military. The Grenadier Guards was the first regiment her father gave her and the most important of the foot regiments.

“If the Queen was in uniform, she had to be on Burmese and so in my mind, we couldn’t do anything else.”

The sculpture will be unveiled at Sandhurst on Friday, just days before an historic Trooping the Colour kicks off a four-day Jubilee weekend.

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An Army spokesperson said: “The statue celebrates Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee and her long and distinguished service as both our Monarch and Commander in Chief.

“Its positioning in the Academy means that it will be passed by every cadet marching onto the Old College Parade Square for the Sovereign’s Parade, which marks their commissioning at the culmination of their training here.”

As a private commission, the statue was not publicly funded.

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