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Queens man who killed brother, self unraveled after failed grocery store, cops say

A day after a Queens family questioned how a father of three could have fatally shot his brother, wounded his mother and then killed himself, police revealed he had written a manifesto detailing family tension and shame stemming from a failed business venture.

Karamjit Multani, 33, went on the rampage in his family’s home on 111th St. near 95th Ave. in Richmond Hill around 10:30 p.m. Saturday, according to authorities.

Earlier, the killer argued with his family before his brother Vipanpal Multani, 27, went to sleep, NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny said during a Tuesday news briefing.

As the younger brother slept, the elder brother entered the bedroom with two guns and opened fire, shooting the victim all over his body, Kenny said.

“The father comes in [and] manages to grab one pistol from the shooter,” the chief said. “Mom throws herself on top of her 27-year-old son while he’s still shooting and she gets shot.”

The woman, Amarjit Kaur, was shot once in the arm and once in the torso.

A 27yr old man was pronounced dead on scene after he was shot multiple times inside of 94-42 111th Street in Queens on Saturday June 8, 2024. 2230. A 52yr old woman, shot in the torso at the same location, was taken to Jamaican Hospital. Cops later found a 33yr old man, the suspected shooter, laying on the sidewalk in front of 109-09 95th Avenue with a gunshot wound to the head. He was pronounced dead on scene. Photos taken on Sunday June 9, 2024. 0719. (Theodore Parisienne for New York Daily News)
Vipanpal Multani was pronounced dead on scene after he was shot multiple times in Richmond Hill, Queens, on Saturday. (Theodore Parisienne for New York Daily News)

The older rushed onto a neighborhood street, where surveillance video caught him removing his turban and shooting himself once in the head, Kenny said.

In between, the killer’s mom and dad partially disarmed him, dad Bhupinder Multani previously told The News.

Karamjit Multani died on the pavement as his brother lay dying in their family home, cops said.

Kaur was rushed to Jamaica Hospital, where she survived her injuries.

During the shooting, the elder son’s wife and three young children were in Indiana, where the unhinged man had previously tried to open a grocery store after his dad gifted him and his slain brother a large sum of money and property to start their own businesses.

With his share of the gift, Vipanpal Multani opened a “very successful” deli in Valley Stream, L.I., while his older brother struggled to keep his store open, according to Kenny.

Vipanpal Multani (Family Handout)
Vipanpal Multani (Family Handout)

“Unfortunately, due to Covid, the grocery store fails miserably,” Kenny said. “[Karamjit Multani] goes bankrupt and is forced to move back home.”

In text messages to his wife sent the day before the shooting, the man outlined ”very detailed, prolonged texts message about the abuse he’s been suffering at the hands of his family,” Kenny said.

“[There is] a lot of tension between him and the brother over snide comments about how he’s a failure,” Kenny said. “The father is giving him a hard time about the store not being successful out in Indiana.”

Karamjit Multani sent his wife and three children — ages 1, 2, and 4 — back to Indiana, the woman’s home state, the day of the shooting, according to his dad.

The killer’s brother-in-law Jaspreet Singh said Monday that the violent breakdown came “out of nowhere.”

“Honestly, we’re confused ourselves,” said Singh, 33. “It was a happy family. We were always hanging out together, making jokes, videos.”

Bhupinder Multani, a prominent deli owner, described his oldest son during an interview with The News as a successful family man.

“Every weekend, they post pictures with kids,” he said. “He was a very good father, hard-working. Never a problem like this … He was making good money.”


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