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Queen 'puts Prince Philip first' as she 'barely acknowledges birthday' in message – expert


She added: “Her ‘neutral’ words about her birthday messages: ‘Which I very much appreciate’ seems to hint at the levels of grief she is feeling, despite their customarily stoic sound.

“It’s hard to not get the feeling that she has barely noticed the fact that it is her birthday this year.”

The Queen’s use of language seems to suggest her mind is elsewhere on her birthday this year.

Judi said: “This mention of her birthday might have come first in the message but it still reads like an add-on, suggesting where her thoughts really do lie right now.”

“The words become more eloquent in the second paragraph, where the Queen moves the attention away from herself and onto her husband and the tributes being paid to him.

“Here she speaks on behalf of her family as well, again apparently deflecting attention away from herself.

“‘We as a family…’ and ‘…a comfort to us all…’ are words that stress the scope of the grief that she refers to as ‘great sadness’ in what sounds like an understatement.”

The Queen’s message hints at how much she appreciates the support of her family right now, Judi claimed.


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