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Queen Elizabeth's unusual idea of holiday 'heaven' includes 'a burnt sausage'


Queen Elizabeth II has spent much of her time on the throne travelling around the world representing the UK. Yet, when it comes her down time, it seems she prefers a much more simple approach to holidays.

As part of Channel 5 Documentary, The Royals on Holiday, she isn’t actually a fan of overseas jaunts, and instead prefers to unwind at home in Blighty.

Speaking in the documentary, experts shared the Queen’s idea of holiday “heaven”, and the rather simple elements that go into making her “staycation” perfect.

Richard Kay, editor at large of the Daily Mail explained: “Most of the royals until comparatively recently were content to stay in the United Kingdom at home basically.

“They invited the staycation in many ways.”

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One person who has a unique insight into the Royal Family in their downtime is Paul Burrell, former servant of the British Royal Household.

He revealed the Queen actually has a rather unusual way of making her seaside visits extra special.

“The Queen loved remoteness,” he said.

“Sitting on a beach in Colonsay with a burnt sausage is the Queen’s idea of Heaven.”

Much of the reason she is so keen to stay at home is down to the amount of time she has spent travelling internationally during her reign.

“I think the Queen does so much travelling and she has toured every country in the world that when she is on holiday she really wants to stay in one of her own palaces,” explained Claudia Joseph, journalist and royal commentator.

“Balmoral has gone down with through the generations. It is a favourite with the royal family.

“The Queen goes up every August without fail and members of her family go and see her and stay there.”

“VRI flock wallpaper stills hangs on the walls, nothing changes and the queen loves it that way.

“Even the carpet is tartan and sometimes it’s threadbare.

“It’s sort of shabby chic for the royals.”

Victoria Howard, editor of The Crown Chronicles added: “Balmoral was created by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in the 1850’s so there’s deep, deep connections to these places and they are really personal places and bolt holes that the royals choose should they need a break from all of that handshaking.”


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