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'Putin is in TROUBLE!' Russia war is 'not going well' – horror from INSIDE Ukraine exposed


Mr Sweeney shared his thoughts on life in the Ukrainian capital currently under siege from Russia, after being briefly detained and released by the Ukrainian army. He said that it is actually Putin and not Zelenskyy who should be worried as he has failed to win the support of the Russian people.

He posted a video on Twitter on Friday afternoon stating “Putin is in trouble”.

He said it had been a “tough old day for Ukraine”.

Mr Sweeney and a friend had gone to the river Dnieper, which flows through Kyiv, to investigate reports of some fighting.

He said they had seen many Ukrainians hiding in underground stations from the Russian army.

As he approached the river and started filming he was stopped by the Ukrainian army and arrested on suspicion of being a Russian spy.

After being detained at Ukrainian Intelligence HQ he was released, commenting that they were “nicer than Putin” and they even gave him a cup of tea.

He added in the video: “Vladimir Putin’s driving these people mad.

“However, I think the person who is in trouble is not President Zelenskyy of Ukraine, it’s not even John Sweeney who spent an hour or two in Ukrainian Intelligence Service Headquarters.

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The Russian president’s forces are trying to seize the capital but are facing fierce resistance from Ukrainian fighters.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has vowed not to back down and is staying put in Kyiv despite the risk to his life.

He has urged his people to take up arms against the Russians and defend the city however they can.

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