Home News Putin deploys harrowing mobile crematorium death machine to 'evaporate' Russian soldiers

Putin deploys harrowing mobile crematorium death machine to 'evaporate' Russian soldiers


Chilling footage dating back to 2013 shows a vehicle-mounted incinerator created to destroy biological waste, which, according to Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has been used before and could could be a way for Russia to hide the true number of combat fatalities in its war with Ukraine and dodge criticism from the public back home.

Speaking on Wednesday ahead of Vladimir Putin’s decision to launch a country-wide invasion of Ukraine, Mr Wallace said that if Russia instigated any conflict then “we expect to see some of the things they’ve done previously”.

In a terrifying analysis, he said: “Previously, they’ve deployed mobile crematoriums to follow troops around the battlefield, which in anyone’s book is chilling.

“If I was a soldier, and knew that my generals had so little faith in me that they followed me around the battlefield in a mobile crematorium…

“Or I was the mother or a father of a son, potentially deployed into a combat zone, and my government thought that the way to cover up loss was a mobile crematorium…

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“I’d be deeply, deeply worried.”

He added how the use of the mobile crematorium is “a very chilling side effect of how the Russians view their forces”.

The Defence Secretary, who served as a Captain in the Scots Guards between 1991-1998 noted that for current and former soldiers, the presence of such a machine is a clear sign of your value as a soldier.

He said: “Knowing that trundling behind you is a way to evaporate you if you are killed in battle probably says everything you need to know about the Russian regime.”

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Latest reports suggest heavy fighting broke out at Antonov Airport, a mere 15-miles from the capital of Kiev, after Russian helicopters fired scores of rockets on Ukrainian soldiers before Russian forces moved in and briefly took control, before being pushed back again by Ukrainian forces, according to The Financial Times.

While experts have warned Russia is quickly gaining control of the skies, a concerning development which will impact the effectiveness of Ukrainian troops on the ground. 

Russia claim to have destroyed 74 Ukrainian military targets and have also broken through into the Kiev region from the north, they are now expected to surround the capital in days as concerns rise over Putin’s next move.

Western leaders are now scrambling to respond with sanctions, with the UK freezing all Russian assets. Military action has been rolled out because Ukraine is not a member of NATO.

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