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Pupils told to 'wear shorts under skirt' after claims of upskirting in Catholic school


A group of male students were allegedly caught taking photographs up the skirts of girls using the transparent glass staircase, in the centre of the sixth form canteen area at Broughton Hall Catholic High School, Liverpool Echo reports.

The school, in leafy West Derby, Liverpool, has vowed to take action but it is claimed today teachers told girls to “wear shorts under their skirts”.

The student said: “The teachers have told the girls they should wear shorts under their skirts.”

One former pupil said: “It has been a problem for a while.

“I know exactly what they are doing, when I used to sit near there if you looked up to see if your friends were coming you could sometimes accidentally see up someone’s skirt.

“It used to make us really uncomfortable. We would ask if we could wear trousers but we were told no, we had to wear skirts.

“There were girls sent home for coming in with trousers on.”

Several other young women who attended the school shared their disgust on social media.

One said: “Today I’m genuinely embarrassed to say I went to Broughton Hall high school and sixth form. In the sixth form building in the middle of the canteen there is a spiral staircase which has glass surrounding it.

“For years girls have said they feel uncomfortable walking down those stairs in skirts yet the school has done nothing about fixing that problem.

“It’s now been said that a group of around 15/20 lads have been sitting at the bottom of the stairs taking pictures of girls walking down them.”

She added: “Within school you’re meant to be taught lessons for the future and this will just allow these boys to think this behaviour is acceptable.

“Girls within this school or any school shouldn’t have to deal with sexual harassment on a daily basis.”

Another said: “This is the same sixth form that sent us home for wearing pencil skirts because they were ‘inappropriate’.

She said: “Nearly all the girls in my year including myself were pulled up on this, threatened with being sent home and denied the right to learn.

“We were blamed and punished for wearing our uniform and not once were the wider issues addressed.”

After the incident, acting director of sixth form, Mrs K Hudson, sent an email to sixth form students saying their concerns would be listened to.

The email, seen by Liverpool Echo, said: “Today is was brought to my attention that their is concern regarding the spiral staircase.

“We have spoken at length with members of the student leadership team, and we have already put in place a working group to enable your concerns to be heard and put some measures in place to alleviate the problem.”

It added: “I understand there are social media posts circulating about this. There is a lot of information in the post that is claiming the school were already aware of the issue.

“Can I reassure you that this is the first time the issue has been raised with myself and it will be acted upon.”

Headteacher Gerard Preston said: “The school is really disturbed to have been made aware of a post on social media relating to Broughton Hall.

“We are investigating this as a matter of urgency. The welfare of our pupils is paramount, and we will take any action that is necessary.”


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