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Pub bans customers wearing baseball caps and tracksuits in beer garden


Writing on Facebook, it said: “We no longer allow any sportswear in the pub and in the beer garden eg sports caps, sports shorts, tracksuit bottoms and tops, gillet jackets, bomber jackets, sports trainers eg Air Max etc.

“This does not mean all trainers.”

More than 500 people liked the Facebook post, Teesside Live reports. Many of these have applauded the decision.

“Nothing wrong with a dress code; nightclubs have them. About time, to be honest,” one person posted.

“Back to the 90s, this rule was 99% of places you went. It worked, can’t fault you,” another added.

“A bar with set standards – good to see,” commented one man.

“Seems very anti-chav… that’s the core customer base for you wiped out. I’m not opposed,” reads another comment.

But a handful of people have blasted the bar for the call.

“Seems a bit overboard – hardly the place to be wearing your Sunday best! Next up Aldi will require a dress code,” reads one comment.

Another states: “Who’s the doorman, Gok Wan??”

Most establishments have dress codes and many of these don’t allow shorts and caps.

Some upmarket bars don’t even accept jeans.

But Wetherspoons just requests all guests “remain fully clothed” during their stay.

The website says: “Customers are requested to remain fully clothed throughout their visit, including wearing shoes.

“In addition, some pubs do operate a specific dress code at all or certain times.”

Teesside Live has contacted the pub for comment.


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