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Property pro shares easy ways to ‘increase’ your homes value by £33k as house prices fall

Magnet Trade has warned that homeowners should maintain the upkeep of their property to help it stand out, and increase its appeal as well as value.

Doing so could boost value by 10 to 12 percent more than similar less well-maintained properties.

According to Magnet, this could see a home boost by as much as £33,000, taking the UK average home price of £282,000 into account, and with house prices falling, it’s a great time to boost your property price.

To help homeowners maximise the price they get for their home, Magnet Trade spoke to property expert Robert Barr, sales director at Kerr&Co.

The expert recommended carrying out spot checks internally and externally every few weeks.

He said: “This would allow you to monitor and address any issues such as all painted surfaces, roof coverings, windows etc to make sure they are in good condition and fit for purpose.

“Monitor your drains every few months to ensure they are running freely to avoid costly repairs.”

Gardens are also an integral part of maintenance and keeping on top of shrubs, hedges and climbers can help avoid damage to brickwork.

It is also important to repair fences when required, painting them if they need a spruce up.

The expert added: “Interior decoration is as important to maintain in good condition. You should consider replacing worn carpet or sanding and re-oiling scratched wooden floors where possible.

“Kitchens and bathrooms should be monitored regularly and any issues such as mouldy silicone or misaligned kitchen cupboards should be addressed.”

Another potentially expensive issue homeowners need to budget for, especially in older homes, includes repairing or replacing the roof and maintenance of the guttering.

Robert advised: “Depending on the type of roof coverings, you may need to consider replacement every 25 to 30 years.

“For instance, a properly constructed natural slate roof with code five lead flashing/soakers will last far longer than manmade fibre cement tiles with code four flashings and soakers.”

Depending on the location and age of your home, Robert recommended allocating up to 1.5 per annum of the value of the property over 10 years.

This means, on average, homeowners should allocate around £5,000 to home maintenance costs every year.

The pro continued: “If you’re still unsure, seeking a secondary opinion from your local independent estate agents would be advisable.

“They can provide a second opinion as well as helpful insights into what buyers are looking for and therefore which maintenance tasks should be completed to get your house into the best possible and saleable condition.

“After all, they would have a vested interest in providing sensible advice making it easier for them to sell.”


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