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Princess Eugenie is 'modest' and emphasises her 'precious' relationships in latest video


During the episode of CNBC’s Finding Solutions, Princess Eugenie also spoke to interviewer Tania Bryer about her hopes for her baby’s future. Eugenie gave birth to August Philip Hawke Brooksbank on February 9.

Judi continued, giving more analysis on the way Eugenie spoke about the relationships she has in her life: “As she speaks about her initiative, she refers to not just her friend but her ‘best’ friend, her mother and her baby.

“These relationship links sound precious to Eugenie. As well as ‘my friend Jools’ and ‘my mother’, she is so emphatic about their emotional ties and standing in her life, adding ‘my best friend Jools’ and ‘my mother…who you know well’.”

The speech expert speculated on Eugenie’s relationship with her sisters and her father, saying: “Eugenie, Beatrice, and Sarah have always presented as a very tight family unit and even tighter since the problems surrounding Andrew.

“This style of speech suggests she is keen to retain these important ties to create her strength.”

Judi noted the way Eugenie used pronouns throughout the video, saying “we” each time when speaking about The Anti-Slavery Collective, instead of “I”.

Judi said: “Eugenie’s words here also suggest a lack of vanity and a modest desire to take more of a back seat role rather than taking any of the glory.

“As a co-founder of The Anti-slavery Collective she falters when asked how it came about before crediting her friend and her mother.”

“It came [about] because my best friend Jools and I went with my mum, actually – who you know very well – to India back in 2011, and we met this amazing group of people called the Women’s Interlink Foundation. They take trafficked women off the street and give them vocational skills,” Eugenie said in the video, explaining the inspiration behind The Anti-Slavery Collective.

Judi then went on to give her analysis on the second part of the interview, where Eugenie spoke her future hopes for her baby.

The speech expert said: “The more personal reference of what kind of world she would like her child to grow up in does seem to prompt a subtle desire for privacy for her new baby.

“Instead of name-checking him, Eugenie mimics the host’s use of the words ‘your child’ and refers to ‘my child’ here. She also avoids volunteering any details about her baby despite the fact that he must be dominant in her life and her thoughts.”

Judi added that there is an “air of modesty” in Eugenie’s choice of words when the princess said: “I think my child, hopefully, will be one of those people who will continue to see the world as a place that can be changed.”

Judi speculated that talking about changing the world links Eugenie to her cousin, Prince Harry.

She said: “This sounds a mile away from the kind of mission statement soundbites that Harry is busy producing in the US, but Eugenie does hint at her strong friendship with Harry here when she speaks about similar goals by expressing her desire to ‘change the world’ and make it a better place.”


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