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Princess Eugenie body language shows she has found ‘happiest role in life’


Body language expert Judi James gave her professional analysis on these photos, speculating on what they can tell royal fans about the family of three. Princess Eugenie has now posted three photos of her son on her Instagram page since his birth in February.

In the latest photos, August is wearing a hat dotted with blue and red stars and has an elephant on its front.

The baby boy is also wearing a wool jacket with his name printed on the back in blue embroidery.

Judi James gives her analysis on both August and Eugenie’s clothes, suggesting that the outfits show that the princess does not care about “external opinions”.

She said: “After her pitch-perfect royal wedding Eugenie is now happy blending a faux snakeskin print with a floral headband and dressing her son in the cutest jacket with his name emblazoned across the back.

“There’s an air of random joy in these baby poses that suggest Eugenie has finally discovered her happiest role in life and has opted out of any pressure to worry about external opinions or expectations,” the body language expert added.

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Judi added: “The baby-carrying looks even-handed here and August looks just as relaxed on Jack’s shoulder and he does in Eugenie’s arms.

“There’s something very Eugenie in the way that she has captured a sweet eye expression from August here that would make everyone smile.”

Eugenie’s Instagram followers were delighted with the photos, with many commenting to express their joy.

One fan of the Royal said: “I love how naturally beautiful everything about you and your family are. Happy birthday princess!”

“Omg these pictures are adorable. I hope you had a great day with them,” added another Instagram user.

Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank welcomed their first-born child into the world on February 9 this year.

Named August Philip Hawke Brooksbank, the baby boy is the 11th in line to the throne but does not have a royal title.

This is because his father doesn’t have one, as Raising Royalty author and royal historian Carolyn Harris explained, speaking to Town & Country before Eugenie and Jack’s wedding: “Princess Eugenie’s children will not have titles unless the Queen decides to bestow an earldom on Jack Brooksbank.”

Eugenie and Jack got married at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle on October 18, 2018.

Princess Eugenie turned 31 this week on March 23.

Posting two photos on Instagram yesterday, the Royal said: “Thank you for the birthday love yesterday. I got the best present I could ask for!!”

In the first photo, Eugenie and Jack are smiling at each other as Eugenie holds baby August close to her chest.

In the second photo, it is Jack who is holding August and all Eugenie’s followers can see is the baby’s little white hat, as well as his big blue eyes peering over his father’s shoulder.


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