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Princess Anne’s ‘similar’ body language to Prince Philip with ‘fearlessness’ nature


Princess Anne, 70, is a senior working member of the Royal Family. She regularly attends engagements on her own as well as with other members of the Firm and throughout lockdown has swapped in-person events for virtual video calls. 

Prince Philip officially stepped back from royal duties four years ago, he has rarely been spotted out with members of the Royal Family since.

However his daughter, Princess Anne is still a working member of the family and often appears in public.

She will also regularly appear on behalf of her mother just like Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

According to one body language expert, Princess Anne has similar body language to her father.

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“Her eyes have a similar twinkle but they can also produce a harder stare. Unlike her father she has a handbag to cope with but her habit of sticking it under her arm looks as evolved to be practical as Philip’s trait of standing with his hands clasped firmly behind his back.”

When on her own, the expert explained that she seems to be unbothered by other people’s opinions.

Growing up in the Royal Family has meant that Princess Anne is well used to her role and has many years experience in speaking and attending events.

The body language expert said: “In an era devoted to narcissistic image enhancements, Anne looks like a woman refreshingly comfortable in her own skin and a woman unbothered by the opinions of others. 

“Her body movements look as practical as her trait of always pinning her hair up in a French pleat to keep it tidy. 

“She will wear clothes that are years old because they do the job, as does her rather brusque and challenging manner.”

Another royal who will also attend engagements on behalf of the Queen is Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

Princess Anne and her sister-in-law have also been seen together in the past.

What is their body language like?

According to Judi, the pair have a lot in common including both being patrons to several organisations and charities.

The expert added: “There are several personality traits that could easily bind these two women, who share a sense of energy when it comes to their royal duties and an uncomplaining attitude bordering on the stoic.

“Neither are welded to fashionable clothing and both look at their happiest in cord jeans and jumpers, relaxing with their children (and grandchildren in Anne’s case).”


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