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Princess Anne's body language is 'strong' and 'dominant' with Prince Charles


Princess Anne and Prince Charles have a lot in common. They are both senior working royals and the closest in age of the Queen’s four children.

While the royals often crossed paths at numerous events, before the pandemic, body language expert Darren Stanton claimed there were some differences between the royals.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, he suggested Princess Anne is the more “confident” sibling.

He said: “It seems from certain expressions that Anne is the most confident, in my opinion, of all the royal children.

“Princess Anne has always struck me as the kind of royal who attends events and functions and duties, and then likes to leave rather than remaining and engaging in small talk with other members of the family.”

The Princess Royal is often branded the hardest working member of the Royal Family.

Unlike her siblings, she passed on further education and threw herself in a working role when she was just 18-years-old. 

This may have helped her develop confidence and skill as one who represents the monarch. 


Darren claimed she seems more focused on getting the job done than making small talk when she is present at public events.

In previous outings with Prince Charles, the expert claimed Anne’s confidence is obvious, but this may not be the case for her brother.

He added: “Princess Anne seems confident and self-assured although to be fair we cannot see a lot of her in this particular shot.

“I have noticed Prince Charles touching his arm which is a self-reassurance gesture.

“He is flanked closely by Princess Anne who is also in full uniform and it is clear from the pair’s posture that Princess Anne is the more confident royal from her strong stance posture.

“This dynamic between the royals can be seen in other outings they have made over the years.

“I’ve also analysed the pair in other situations and the pressure remains the same,” Darren continued.

“Princess Anne considers herself to be the stronger, more dominant personality.”


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