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Prince William's 'increased hand rubbing' shows 'anxiety' over royal racism claim in March


In a recently released documentary called Meghan and Harry: Recollections May Vary, produced by Shearwater for discovery+, a body language expert shared his insight on Prince William’s actions during an interview back in March. According to the expert, the Duke’s hand signals suggested he was feeling “anxious” when asked if the Royal Family was racist.

On 7 March, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made new claims about the Royal Family in a bombshell interview with media mogul Oprah Winfrey.

One of the main allegations audiences heard from the interview was that an unnamed senior member of the Royal Family had voiced concern over the skin colour of Meghan’s then unborn child, Archie.

Although unnamed, Prince Harry clarified in the interview that it wasn’t the Queen or Prince Philip who voiced this concern.

This news was a huge topic of online conversation in both the US and the UK, with many saying the unnamed senior Royal was being racist.

Forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes appeared in the new documentary and weighed in on the discussion. She said: “It’s an incredibly incendiary revelation to make.

“Because it’s an appalling bit of racism as it’s being described, and it’s not from the press, it’s from a family member.”

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Ms Daynes added: “We don’t know who said this, and that’s a problem for the Royal Family because, of course, it casts a shadow over all of them.”

Four days after Meghan and Harry’s interview, Prince William was approached by a journalist while out on a royal engagement and asked to respond to the accusations made that his family were racist.

The Duke of Cambridge said: “No, we are very much not a racist family.”

However, body language expert Dr Cliff Lansley, who has a PhD in Emotional Intelligence from Manchester Metropolitan University, has shared his professional opinion of the prince’s body language at the time.


Dr Lansley said in the documentary: “We know this is creating anxiety for William here, by looking at the increased hand rubbing.

“When anxiety increases in our body, it creates a muscle tension, and that muscle tension is often shown in the hands and the legs and the feet.

“So, from his hands by his side, he grasps his hands to get him through this walk past the media.”

The Duke of Cambridge was then asked whether he had spoken to his brother, Harry, since the Oprah interview, to which he responded with a short and breathy laugh.

Dr Lansley said: “We see the lip corner on her left moving sharply into her cheek, pulled by the buccinator muscle.

“So, deep in the cheek you have this chunk that pulls the lip up. We can associate that reliably with the emotion of contempt, the realisation that this is tough for me to accept something that is not part of the way I behave.”

Additionally, Professor of Linguistics Dawn Archer examined the footage and claimed that Meghan’s body language and way of speaking revealed deeper meanings.

Appearing in the new documentary, Professor Archer said: “She [Meghan] tells us three times ‘I really tried.’ That’s past tense, it puts the effort into the past.

“This is three months prior to them making the public announcement that they were stepping back.

“Is this an indication to us, through her own language choices, that for her at least that decision was made at this point?”

In January 2020, Meghan and Harry announced that they were stepping down as senior Royals, and soon after the couple moved to California in the US.


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