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Prince Philip 'saddened' as royals 'portrayed as a soap opera' amid Megxit, says Brandreth


“That’s the general rule in life, he was interested, the Duke of Edinburgh, surprisingly, in so many different things than you’d expect – from the caricature view that people have of him.

“But he was interested, for example, in the work of [Carl] Jung, he was interested in wellbeing and mental health the Duke of Edinburgh.

“And he read a lot of Jung, and Jung looked at the history of his patients towards the end of his career and came to the conclusion that the happiest of his patients were people who were outward looking people, who didn’t look down in, but up and out. 

“And the Duke of Edinburgh’s philosophy is, look up and out, take an interest in the world around you, and an interest in art, and nature, and science.



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