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Prince Philip and the Queen: Duke's 'quiet support and affection' for Queen shines through


Judi added: “There is a focus on the Duke’s links with the Commonwealth but also a general global focus that might impress anyone thinking that the monarchy’s reach ends at the cliffs of Dover.

“We are told that the Duke travelled to 70 percent of world countries and 50 percent of Commonwealth countries and even his leadership programmes are defined in numbers, with ten thousand people taking part.”

The photos strike a more personal tone, however, with one showing the Duke and the Queen laughing at one another’s side.

Judi said: “Clearly someone with a logical leaning has been very busy in the palace when it comes to research but it’s probably the photos that accompany the numerical and statistical tribute that will have the lasting impact.”

Judi added: “These shots of the Duke smiling, chatting and engaging in more searching conversations with the public on his trips flesh out those numbers by showing the spirit that he showed as he did them.

“These poses define him as not just a ‘smile and wave’ royal but someone with more individual interest and engagement too.

“The photo with the Queen has probably been chosen to illustrate his role on joint tours.

“Sitting together we can see the Queen upright and regal but also happy and amused by what she is seeing.

“The Duke mirrors her laughter and her hand clasp to show empathy but he also leans in towards his wife to suggest quiet support and affection.”


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