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Prince Charles ridicules Ant and Dec in personal message 'They followed me around!'


Speaking to The One Show presenters Alex Jones and Ronan Keating, Ant and Dec were explaining how they have launched a new initiative to get young people into media careers. Alex showed the two popular presenters a surprising clip of the Prince of Wales commenting on their project.

“We’re launching a charity initiative to get young people into this amazing industry,” Ant explained. “Which is the media industry.

“So, we launched that today and it’s in conjunction with the Prince’s Trust. It’s not just in front of camera it’s behind the camera as well – sound, lighting cameramen.

“If you want to work in this amazing industry that’s been brilliant to over the years then you can get involved and hopefully join us.”

“Brilliant,” Alex commented. “It’s an amazing opportunity.” Dec said: “30 years ago when we started out, we were both given an amazing opportunity when we got parts in Byker Grove and that led to this fantastic career that we’ve had.

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“And we’re very, very grateful for it, but we were two quite normal, unremarkable kids from the west end of Newcastle and we were given an opportunity and we grabbed it with both hands.”

He added that the pair felt it was time to give others an opportunity to pay it back.

“One particular man is very impressed,” Alex said. “He’s a big fan of yours – it’s the Prince’s Trust founder, Prince Charles.”

They watched a video recording of the Prince, who made a jokey quip about the two “following them around” for years.

The Royal said: “I can think of no better duo to help drive this activity than Ant and Dec, who have enjoyed an illustrious career in the media for over 30 years.

“During that time, they’ve both followed me around, they followed me around while filming a documentary for ITV,” he explained, jokingly raising his eyebrows.

“And they’ve also played an incredibly generous part in our annual Prince’s Trust awards event in London. So thank you, Ant and Dec, more than I can ever say, for all your wonderful efforts on behalf of the young people who will be supported by this project.”

More to follow…


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