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Prince Charles once blasted for using non-standard English spelling in Macron letter


Voting for the first round of the French presidential election started today. Emmanuel Macron is fighting to retain his presidency after a last-minute surge in popularity for the far right. Marine Le Pen is President Macron’s main rival and will be pitted against the incumbent in a head-to-head run off on April 24. 

However, while the Prince of Wales’ motive was sincere, Twitter users quickly criticised the royal for a supposed ‘mistake’. 

Within the letter to Mr Macron, Charles repeatedly used the word ending ‘ize’ instead of the more commonly used ‘ise’ for words such as ‘realize’ and ‘agonize’. 

This is thought to be the American spelling.  

One user wrote: “Wait what? A British uses ‘realize’ not realise? Are you an American or the future King?”

The restoration is still under way and is expected to be completed by April 2024.

In 2020, Macron travelled to London to commemorate the 80th anniversary of his predecessor Charles de Gaulle’s Appel (his BBC broadcast to occupied France after the Nazi invasion in 1940).

He was hosted by Charles and Camilla at their home, Clarence House. 

He joined Charles for a ceremonial inspection of the Guards of Honour, before heading to a monument of General De Gaulle in central London to lay wreaths and pay their tribute not just to the French resistance but also to the Royal Family’s efforts during World War 2. 

Both Mr Macron and Charles have been outspoken on Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24. 

The French President has spoken to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin a dozen times in a bid to end the conflict.

Mr Macron did not confirm his run for re-election until just before the deadline; his focus on the Russia-Ukraine war was said to have been a distraction. 

Meanwhile, the Prince of Wales openly condemned the actions of Putin and the invasion. 

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