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Prince Charles asked paedophile Jimmy Savile for help with Sarah Ferguson in 1989 – claim


According to unearthed letters in a new Netflix film, the Prince of Wales, 73, sought the advice of Jimmy Savile, who it later emerged was a serial sexual abuser of children. ‘Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story’, explores the life of the disgraced DJ and children’s TV presenter, who died in 2011. The two-parter sheds new light on the extraordinary influence the former ‘Top of the Pops’ host had with the British establishment.

Not only did Savile receive letters from children writing in to ‘Jim’ll Fix It’, he was also allegedly sent messages by senior royals.

In the documentary, the former entertainer’s authorised biographer Alison Bellamy looks through letters she claims were sent to him by the Royal Family, including Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

The author claims the Prince of Wales wrote to Savile several times, asking for his advice as a figure who appeared to be in touch with the British public.

Charles allegedly sent one letter on December 22, 1989, concerning his sister-in-law, Sarah Ferguson.

The future King reportedly wanted some PR advice from Savile for the Duchess of York.

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The letter read: “I wonder if you would ever be prepared to meet my sister-in-law, the Duchess of York.

“I can’t help feeling that it would be extremely helpful to her if you could.

“I feel she could do with some of your straightforward common sense!

“Let me know what you think. As ever, Charles.”

Another letter Savile kept in his archives was said to be written by Charles at Sandringham on January 14, 1989.

A series of scandals damaged the royal brand, as the newspapers ran stories about the Duchess of York and the break-down of Charles and Diana’s marriage.

Ms Bellamy claimed that during Savile’s heyday – before he was exposed as a paedophile – his public persona may have handed Charles a much-needed “link” to the British public.

She said: “He was still a man of the people. He knew the common folk.

“The Royal Family are often seen as stuffy and out of touch.

“Charles had found his link with the people of Britain.”

The author added that Savile’s archives did not just contain “three or four” letters but “loads” of letters, filling several files.

‘Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story’ is available on Netflix.

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