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Primark to keep new extended store hours due to customer demand


Primark added an extra two hours to its stores’ usual opening times when lockdown eased as a temporary change. However, due to high demand, the retailer will keep the hours as they are permanently for as long as customers want them.

Primark reopened 160 of its 189 stores across the UK on Monday, April 12.

Normally, shops are open from 8am to 8pm, but Primark extended its opening hours last week.

Most stores are now open an hour earlier and close an hour later.

However not all stores follow this timetable, therefore it is best to check your local store’s opening times online.

The clothing shops that have reopened their fitting rooms include John Lewis, H&M, and River Island.

However, all stores will still be implanting coronavirus safety measures, such as ensuring that shoppers wear a mask, sanitise their hands, and follow social distancing guidelines.

The Government’s guidance for stores, published by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, has also advised shops to deploy a staff member to control entry to changing rooms and allow only one person at a time into a cubicle.

Additionally, shop managers are advised to leave a gap of “several minutes” between customers and to clean cubicles regularly.

The guidance added that retailers should introduce “procedures to manage clothes that have been tried on, to minimise contact between customers and staff”.

It did not say if clothes should be put in quarantine after being tried on by a customer.

The guidance stated: “The enclosed nature of fitting rooms may result in increased risk of transmission of Covid-19. They should therefore be carefully managed to reduce that risk.”


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