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Pret A Manger app chaos as customers threaten to quit over 'terrible' subscription changes

Pret A Manger customers are threatening to quit the subscription after a crackdown on the rules left them unable to claim their free coffees.

The “Club Pret” membership allows customers to order up to five barista-made drinks a day for a monthly subscription of £30.

But last month, the chain launched a crackdown on subscribers sharing free drinks with friends and colleagues. It is understood that some customers were exploiting loopholes to share the subscription, either by sending friends a screenshot of a QR code or logging in to various devices.

Subscribers must now use the Pret app in order to claim the free drinks rather than accessing their QR code in their Apple Wallet or on a smart watch, under rules that came into effect on March 18.

However, subscribers have complained that the changes make it more difficult to claim the offer, with some reporting technical issues when trying to access the app. Others have cancelled their subscriptions owing to the “faff” the updates have caused.

“Pret. Please can you update your app so the QR code for the subscription appears straight away, as it’s such a faff having to open it every time I order a drink since I can’t use it from my Apple Wallet anymore. Thanks,” one disgruntled subscriber voiced online.

Alison Ruane was among several customers claiming she was unable to sign into the Pret app as it did not recognise her password.

She vented on Twitter: “Your customer services are taking hours to respond. I will cancel my subscription if I am not helped soon.”

Another frustrated subscriber said: “I cannot even log in to the useless Pret app; it’s terrible! How convenient it is to just have the barcode in my Apple Wallet!

“I have been a Pret member since 2020, I am going to have to cancel now and go elsewhere, instead of making things easier you have made it worse!”

Another irate customer wrote: “Pret subscription absolute joke. Broken app leaves me paying for something I can’t use, plus really rude (although I’m sure equally frustrated) workers.”

Some customers also reported being unable to log in to the app after they were told the SIM card in their phone did not match the phone number linked to their account.

Other customers questioned how they would be able to access the app if they were in a chain without signal. However, Pret has said subscribers are able to access their QR code while offline once subscribers are logged in to the app.

A Pret spokesperson disclosed: “We recently updated how Club Pret subscribers access their QR codes as we continue to invest in our digital offer for customers.

“Live QR codes are now available to all subscribers exclusively via the Pret App. A few customers may have experienced technical issues in accessing their new codes while logging into the Pret App.

“Anyone with problems accessing their new code can contact our customer support team who will be happy to help.”


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