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Premium Bonds fury as pensioner can't access cash to pay energy bills despite 20 attempts

A Premium Bonds customer has hit out at a persistent bug in the online process for cashing in Bonds after making many attempts to process a withdrawal.

The saver repied to an X thread to NS&I, originally from September last year, where a person complained about an error when they were trying to cash in their Bonds.

The error was that each time the customer tried to process a payment, the NS&I website said they had pressed the back button and their data was cleared.

In the latest complaint, the other saver said yesterday (May 28): “Still the same issue with back button on withdrawals.

“The’ve known about this issue for years and still done nothing about it. Today, 20 attempts to withdraw.

“Four different browsers, three PCs, an iPhone and iPad all with same result.

“Now a complaint raised and I have to call back in the morning as the account has been locked by them. OAP trying to pay energy billl from savings.”

NS&I said in response: ” We’re sorry to hear of the difficulties you’ve had when attempting to withdraw.

“From the error described, it may be due to a browser or network connection issue.”

The savings provider urged the pensioner to send them a direct message specifying which browser and type of device they were using.

Unhappy customers often contact NS&I over X to complain about an issue or to ask for help.

One man recently got in touch to voice their disappointment as he had held Bonds for 46 years but never won a prize.

A representative of NS&I responded to explain how the rules work for the prize draw.

They said: “Please note it is an essential feature of the Premium Bond scheme that winning is solely a matter of luck, and there can be no guarantee of any level of return whatever the value of the holding.

“The random nature of the prize draw means that there is no predictable pattern to the frequency or value of prize wins.”

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