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Premium Bonds customer frustrated as they struggle to make major change

NS&I has explained how customers can switch to paperless after a customer struggled to arrange this over the phoneline.

A woman contacted the Premium Bonds provider over social media site X to say her husband wanted to go paperless but the automated phoneline was “not understanding” the request.

The savings giant said in response: “He can go paperless by logging in online – underneath ‘Your profile’ there will be an option that displays ‘Paperless options’ which will allow him to go paperless.

“If he still wishes to do this by calling, he will be connected to our virtual assistant, please ask it to put you through to an advisor to speak to a human.”

But the woman said she was still having issues despite following the instructions to get in touch over the phoneline.

She said: “Just tried that. It is still not understanding what I want. My husband does not have online account and doesn’t want one.”

They replied: “Not to worry, you can continue to send through the post. It should be so easy.”

Another customer recently contacted NS&I as they were struggling to access Bonds held in their maiden name.

The person reached out over X to initially ask how she could track down a lost Bond holder’s number.

A representative asked the saver if she was registered for the online and phone service.

The customer said: “No. It’s an old Bond in my maiden name. I had the bond number on my old phone on your app to check each month, but I’ve upgraded my phone and the number has gone.”

The representative replied: “In that case, you’ll need to run a trace using our dedicated tracing service. Once we find your account we will be in contact with you regarding the next steps.”

NS&I also sent the customer a link to this webpage which has further information about tracking down lost investments.

Customers can also try the online tracing service on the NS&I website and there is also a form you can print off and send to the provider to track down your lost savings.

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