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Pregnant driver branded ‘overprivileged’ by aggressive neighbour for parking outside house

A motorist has been branded an “overprivileged b****” by an angry neighbour for parking outside their house while nine months pregnant.

Reddit user @OKSun3539 found the obscenity-ridden note stuck on her car windscreen just hours after stopping at a public bay.

The neighbour suggested the pregnant lady had not considered disabled individuals nearby as it was the only space not covered in snow.

The incident took place in Winnipeg, Canada and was uploaded to social media site Reddit just last month.

The aggressive note reads: “What the f*** is wrong with you? Why would you park in the only spot cleared of snow for wheelchair access, couriers and general access? The whole street is available but your overprivileged b**** a** parks here.”

The driver claimed there were no restrictions on the space and that she had not aimed to inconvenience any disabled person at all.

Opening up on the harrowing situation, @OKSun3539 explained: “Someone left a very unkind and assuming note on my car today. I came home this afternoon to find a spot on the street right in front of my building.

“The sidewalk had been cleared in this area and I was so grateful because I’m almost 9 months pregnant and in my opinion, pretty deserving of accessible access. These days, I am waddling slowly, avoiding the ice as much as possible, and going through health issues.

“After some time, I went back downstairs, got in my car, and headed off. As I’m driving, I realized there’s a hand written note on my dash. I stopped, grabbed it, read it and then felt pretty darn upset. (sic)

“The note assumes I don’t deserve accessibility, and assumes there was other room on the street when I parked. There is no loading zone in front of my building and I did not break any laws by parking there.”

However, several social media users quickly came to her defence as they blasted the neighbour for their entitled reaction.

Reddit user @Ok-Sundae-1096 said: “Hell you could not be pregnant and decide to park there and there’s nothing wrong with that. You saw a good spot and took it. “

@530dogwalker added: “This makes my blood boil. No offence, but it doesn’t matter to me that you are pregnant – it’s public parking.”

@yahumno reacted: “Apparently, this person thinks that they are the parking police, and not just for illegal parking. What a jerk.”

@mhyquel reacted: “I’ve seen it in other cities, people get very defensive over “their” street parking spot. They’ll put lawn chairs and cones up. Somehow that means they own that public spot.”

Just days later, @OKSun3935 released an update unveiling they had found the individual responsible for the letter. In a stunning revelation, it emerged the two were in fact neighbours and even live on the same floor.

They wrote: “I’m writing to update you about the parking note … I found the culprit! Well, my partner did. He’s been pretty obsessed with it since it happened. Anyway, they live in my building, they are on my floor, and we are basically neighbours!”


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