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Pound value LIVE: Pound sterling rises against euro & dollar as Sunak outlines masterplan


Due to the new Budget, the sterling increased to 1 to 1.15 according to the latest figures. 

In terms of the dollar, the sterling has experienced a sharp rise to 1 to 1.39 of the dollar. 

In one of the main moves, Mr Sunak announced the furlough scheme will be extended until September to help businesses recover. 

Support for the self-employed will also continue until then with a fourth grant until April, a fifth grant will be introduced in May. 

To support lower-income households, the Universal Credit uplift of £20 will be continued for a further six months. 

The Sterling steadied today ahead of the announcement as Mr Sunak announced a bumper Budget. 

One analyst for ING said: “Overall, the additional fiscal support announced should underscore the constructive outlook for GBP for 2Q, with further fiscal help facilitating the economic rebound and making the pound the outperformer in the G10 FX space. 

“We expect sterling/dollar to breach the $1.50 level in 2H21 and dips below $1.40 should be faded.”

Analysts also stated the Sterling had been the best performing current across the G10 nation in this year.

This resurgence has been caused by the conclusion of Brexit and the successful vaccine rollout across the UK. 

In order to bolster the economy throughout the pandemic, Mr Sunak has already spent close to £300billion on the economy. 

Due to the vast cost to the Government’s purse, Mr Sunak revealed hinted tax rises should be expected in the future. 

More to follow…


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