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Popular used Ford models could 'rise in value' after decision to axe Focus range

Richard explained: “Demand is a key factor in determining a car’s value. So, when demand for a particular model is higher, drivers may find that its prices rise accordingly. 

“Our research shows that 64 percent of drivers try to take as much care as possible of their car to ensure it maintains its value.

“As a family hatchback, the cars have been a particularly popular choice as they generally tend to provide more space. 

“Despite this, Ford has made the decision to stop selling the models which may see old versions increase in value. 

“We’ve seen this happen a number of times when cars have been discontinued. Nostalgia for once-popular cars that are now discontinued drives up demand which can increase their resale value.”

Ford Europe boss Martin Sander confirmed the American giant doesn’t have “any plans to extend Focus production”.

Instead, he confirmed the brand was “deeply convinced” that electric models were still the future with hopes to see a “significant increase in volume”.

He added: “By the end of this year, we will have a full range of electric vehicles – both in the passenger vehicle sector but also in our commercial vehicle business line – and we are quite flexible to adapt to market demand. For the next couple of years, we have a broad choice.”

However, Mr Sander appears to have sent contradictory messages after saying something completely different at last week’s Financial Times Future of the Car Summit. 

The Europe boss claimed Ford would be pushing back its plans to only sell EVs in the continent by 2030 as EV sales were still “below expectations”.


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