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Popular mechanic bashes cars made in the UK showing how drivers can check in seconds

In the video, Scotty stated he was surprised to find that a Honda Civic owned by a customer was produced in the UK, rather than in the brand’s native Japan.

However, Honda manufactured some of their most popular models in the country from 1985 to 2021, whilst Nissan and Toyota still produce cars in the UK.

One of the biggest reasons why foreign car companies set up production facilities in the UK is to supply closer export markets with their models, with British-made vehicles being sent to various parts of Europe and North America.

Scotty suggested that drivers considering buying a new or used car should find out where it was assembled by looking at a sticker inside the door.

He continued: “Let’s face it, the Japanese are known for quality, England was known for quality too… 100 years or so ago!

“Now, the owner of this car didn’t even know this thing was made in England. So, before you buy one, open the door, look at the sticker and see where it was made.”

In particular, Scotty suggested that drivers should look for a small sticker around the frame of one of the front doors which states the country in which the car was assembled.

However, drivers can also identify where their car was built by decoding the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), which is typically etched into a bottom corner of the windscreen.

The first character on this 17-digit code can identify the vehicle’s country of origin, with all UK-assembled cars starting with an ‘S’.


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