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'Pop them on the compost!' Alan Titchmarsh shares tips to remove 'garden centre’s weed'


Weeds are a nuisance to any garden as they can prevent other surrounding plants from growing. Luckily, there are easy ways to get rid of weeds that don’t involve using chemical products.

This is often called the garden centre’s weeds because “you’ll often find it in pots that you buy in most garden centres”, Alan said.

These weeds, as well as another popular weed called groundsel, will easily “pull up”.

Pulling up weeds by hand is a natural, chemical-free way of getting rid of them.

“There’s nothing enormous there or fat – apart from the worm – in the way of root,” Alan explained.

He stressed: “Pull them out, pop them on the compost heap before they seed.”

The horticulturist then went on to speak about the perennial weeds, such as the dandelion, the nettle, and the buttercup.

All of these are popular weeds that can be found in gardens throughout the UK.

Alan said: “Buttercup spreads, not only by thick-ish roots, but also by runners that it sends out – a bit like a strawberry plant.

“That needs to come out completely, and take these roots out because they too might have buds on them.”

Dandelions have an enormous, long taproot that will carry on sprouting if not removed.

Alan added: “Break that top off, or just hoe it off, and that root will send up another shoot, so it’s important with all these thick-rooted weeds that they come out completely.

“You don’t compost them because then you put the compost back on the garden, and if it hasn’t heated up enough, you’re just reintroducing the weeds.”

The gardening expert reiterated his advice, saying: “So, the annuals, get rid of them before they seed.

“The perennials, get those roots right out the ground, and then all the plants you want to grow will have a much easier time of it.”

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